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Astronomy: Dark Matter — Part I
(Invisible Matter, Cold Matter, Expanding Matter or Pushing Matter)
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[Part II][Proof of Wave Theory][NGC 2207 and IC 2163 Galaxies]

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My grand unified theory begins from the moment that energetic matter created wave formations. The theory suggests that the first concentration of energetic swirls predated the Big Bang.

I will attempt to shed some light on the properties and behaviors of this energetic medium by referring to and utilizing all the research that has been conducted to date. This includes astronomical observations that provide us with representations of what actually exists and how it appears. Due to the fact that wave formations created and creates everything, these pictures of the universe accurately depict energetic matter’s behavior (my book offers a comprehensive explanation of this phenomenon). Over the last few years, remarkable new telescopes as well as research conducted by NASA, CERN, and other emerging laboratories have considerably enhanced our understanding of the universe. Furthermore, these observations and studies provide us with significant leads as to what precipitated the Big Bang. Some laboratories have even produced primary energetic matter in which even the smallest amounts engendered terrible explosions. This hints to the possibility that before the Big Bang, energetic shrinking space (antimatter) swirled to the left until it was released via a sudden explosion.

I contend that the primary medium is energetic space. That said, I admit that I do not know how empty space can exist alone, and this obviously raises many fascinating questions. Every particular space has boundaries that delineate its area. Our universe is similarly confined to its own limited space, which must contain energetic matter and time. In other words, without the element (medium) of energy nothing exists; without energetic activity — and its attendant dimensions of space and time — there is nothing. Subsequently, time cannot exist in the absence of energetic activity since it is merely a product of energetic activity and space formation, and not a distinct entity in its own right. Therefore, I contend that the presence of energetic space and its corresponding energetic activities existed before the Big Bang.

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