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Astronomy: Dark Matter — Part I
(Invisible Matter, Cold Matter, Expanding Matter or Pushing Matter)
(Continued — Page 3)

[Part II][Proof of Wave Theory][NGC 2207 and IC 2163 Galaxies]

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Wave theory presumes that prior to the Big Bang different levels of energy appeared in “space” and subsequently created shrinking energetic swirls. These swirls must have rotated to the left as since the Big Bang the universe rotates exclusively to the right. The pre-Big Bang swirl did not possess a singularity from which energetic matter could escape, and it thus exploded. I believe that some of these phenomenon continue to this day, albeit on a different scale.

Given the lack of evidence, I will refrain from discussing energetic space that predated the Big Bang. However, wave theory provides other alternatives that explain the creation of energetic wave formations.

All the shrinking mediums (energetic space and time) that were released as a result of the Big Bang have been trying to return to their previous formation as quickly as possible. However, due to their swirling and spinning behaviors, they can only return to their space via propagation whereby their movement creates the wave formation (see picture below). The latter expands in a manner that may resemble the rippling effect of a stone that is thrown into a pond (see picture below). Examples of this can be found in photographs of swirling galactic formations. Differences that exist between the same formations depend on the specific phase transitions that they are in. These phenomenon appear quite simple, as nature only recognizes simplicity. However, as I discussed in earlier articles, they are actually extremely sophisticated formations.

Wave Formation


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