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Astronomy: Dark Matter — Part I
(Invisible Matter, Cold Matter, Expanding Matter or Pushing Matter)
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[Part II][Proof of Wave Theory][NGC 2207 and IC 2163 Galaxies]

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Transparent or invisible dark space/matter is comprised of energetic matter that was released during different phases. Consequently, our enormous universe is apparently composed of a wide array of energetic waves and genes that date back to various periods. In fact, even human beings disperse energy and genes into dark space (dark formations) via energetic quants (genes).

According to Maxwell’s Equation, energetic matter propagates from its sequential magnetic and electric intervals:

Perhaps, their behavior can be altered by changing their configurations, which would also cause energetic matter to take on different properties. In a continuous flow of energetic activity, these changes would occur at the same regular intervals. On the oscilometer, energy appears to flow like wave motions (top picture, below), but in reality it moves in a swirling and spinning manner (intermediate picture). In wires, electricity uses the electrons as waymarks to guide their movement (final picture of the adjacent threesome).

Flowing like wave motions

Spinning and swirling

The movement of electricity

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