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Astronomy: Dark Matter — Part I
(Invisible Matter, Cold Matter, Expanding Matter or Pushing Matter)
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[Part II][Proof of Wave Theory][NGC 2207 and IC 2163 Galaxies]

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Every wave is composed of ever smaller waves (quarks), until the components ultimately merge with the space in their surrounding area. Space is comprised of both miniscule and enormous wave formations and features proportional energetic and magnetic loops, which subsist on the energetic activity at the core of the magnetic loops (black holes). For example, at the heart of every galaxy is an internal swirl or vortex (a black hole) in which the level of energetic activity determines the galaxy’s size and the amount of surrounding dark space. In this phase, the shining loop (path) is also proportional to the black hole’s activity . As mentioned above, energetic matter can be equated with the formation of ripples on the surface of a pond. Consequently, this one highly-energetic matter appears in either a shinning or lackluster form (picture). The latter’s transparency misled us into assuming that it is empty space. Shinning and dark matter seem to be aligned at a wide perpendicular angle (picture below), but at every point the energetic and magnetic paths exist as a superposition of the electric and magnetic matter (loops or swirls). However, both loops maintain their own proportions and behavior patterns.

Schrodinger’s idea of superposition is apparently correct, and wave theory vindicates Schrodinger’s thoughts in a very simple manner. To this day however, it is difficult for me to fathom how he arrived at these remarkable conclusions about the ingenious behavior of energetic matter without any empirical evidence.

According to wave theory, the magnetic portion is visible while its energetic part is dim. The galaxy’s formation is delineated by a halo, which is comprised of energetic matter. Similarly, the entire galaxy is but ONE energetic matter (shrinking energetic space) that is attempting to return to its previous space. This reverse expansion process is carried out by different forms of energetic activity. The wave’s energetic and magnetic loops are in perpetual competition, which accounts for energetic matter’s beautiful living behavior. This is especially pronounced in magnetically concentrated energetic loops. Both the smallest speck in the universe and the largest mass possess these characteristics. Every single entity has pushing and pulling properties, whose exact nature is determined by the particular phase transition in which it resides.

Only the unbelievable two-loop formation of energetic matter can create everything. In fact, all forms of energetic matter contain the same framework of properties, which both oppose and cooperate with the other elements within the wave as well as with other various entities. These formations are not generic; just as every human being is unique, no two atoms are absolutely identical. Energetic matter conforms to its natural laws. Nevertheless, on account of its high level of activity, it constantly changes its configuration and appearance. At any given moment, it will always choose the most appropriate option (but it will not necessarily act in a mathematically optimal manner).

It may be stated that the greater the energetic activity in the center of a galaxy, the larger the galaxy's surrounding energetic loop (dark space). Oddly enough, time in a highly energetic loop shrinks alongside the energetic matter, and, correspondingly, the high level of energetic activity expands.

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