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Wave Theory and Photons
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I use the photon to explain wave theory because of its inherent simplicity: we know that it is a single wave-particle, which is composed of energetic (electro-magnetic) matter that escaped or was expelled from larger objects as an independent single wave (quantum) of energy (picture below).

The next picture offers a visual comparison between wave theory and electro-magnetic rules.

Earlier we saw that expelled stars appear in pairs. Photons, by association, may have the same formation. Assuming that one loop of a photon is magnetic and the second energetic — as we know is the case with electro-magnetic field positions in electricity — we may posit that photons and stars are waves that are composed of two related, perpindicular loops. The magnetic loop is in an upright position, and the energetic loop is in a transverse position; they appear as a wave in every formation. Our observations of planets, provides hints of this phenomenon, as the planets rotate in the transverse position, while their magnetic fields are in the perpendicular position (picture below).

This strucutre is occasionally unrecognizable because these relationships appear in different forms (see the chapter on atoms).

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