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Wave Theory and Photons
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Thomas Young's experiments were instrumental to the understanding of wave structure. Light passed through two slits and produced crests and troughs (patterns of light and dark) that showed up on a screen as a so-called interference pattern (picture below).

Research indicates that even a single photon produces interference by seemingly overlapping its two loops and producing light and dark spaces (rings) (picture below).

As seen in astronomical photographs, galaxies have the same form. The dark rings may act as a sort of glue that preserves the alignment of the shinning rings and thus maintain the wave as one rigid, rotating object. Perhaps the dark space has both attracting and repelling properties, which keep the shining rings apart, so they do not fall on one another. At the same time, though, it apparently keeps the entire structure firmly intact.

It appears that shinning and dark rings are each endowed with distinct properties. Together, they create a wave of energetic matter, which maintains a stable structure that preserves its proportional equilibrium. In the interference experiment, when the two loops of a photon form one loop, they combine their energy levels and enter another phase. Galactic waves are on another energy level in which their two loops may still be linked to some extent.

Passing high energetic matter (photons or light) through two slits causes a disturbance of the photon’s structure and high-energy matter (photons, loops) to over lap, as seen in the picture above. Pictures are then available of energetic matter’s natural behavior in status nascenti. It appears in the form of a swirl (wave) with two properties (of this identical energetic matter). It behaves like galaxies by forming crests (shining parts) and troughs (invisible parts). Shining rings in the periphery of galaxies transform into “invisible” matter and seem to disappear. This, however, would violate the law of the preservation of energy (see my paper on the Second Law of Thermodynamics). Moreover, we know that the proportion between dark spaces (rings) and shining rings is stable in every formation and phase. We assume that energetic matter is found predominantly in dark rings and magnetic matter in light rings. Shining rings in the periphery of galaxies are transformed into some form of matter that is invisible to us; perhaps it is transformed into energetic matter. Young’s experiment indicates that a galaxy and a photon have the same basic properties and behaviors. The heart of the galaxy is a swirl, where energetic and magnetic matter appears in the same wave-like formation. This is the only kind of matter in which a change in direction modifies its behavior and properties. In other words, changing the position of a photon’s loops alters the behavior of energetic matter in the same wave.

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