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Schrodinger’s Cats Paradox and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle: Two Ideas that Changed the World
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Astronomical observations have provided us with many examples of this dual structure, such as double galactic and dual star formations (like Galaxy 2207). Moreover, there are photographs of formations in which stars that are connected in a chain-like pattern by gaseous bridges depart from galactic clouds (see pictures below). This duality can also be found in photon streams as well as in biological entities like DNA strands. Nature strives for simplicity. While the double loop (helix) formation is very simple, it is nevertheless extremely sophisticated.

Schrodinger and Heisenberg lacked the invisible energetic loop. However, they overcame this deficiency by virtue of their equations. In a roundabout way, their ideas helped us formulate the concept of an invisible (or missing) energetic presence (the additional loop), which all such formations must contain (see pictures below).

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