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Schrodinger’s Cats Paradox and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle: Two Ideas that Changed the World
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Dark matter (also referred to as an invisible loop or dark energy) facilitates the transmission of information between magnetic loops. Communication is most efficient when it involves similar energetic formations, as seen in photons. This also appears to occur in strands of DNA in which energy simultaneously flows back and forth (see pictures below). For a more detailed explanation of this phenomenon, please see the article Backward Time.

In retrospect, it is incredible how physicists relied on these ideas for years without an explanation for the actual phenomenon (for a step by step discussion, please read wave theory in its entirety). However, the more I progress, the more I realize the seemingly insurmountable hurdle that we muss pass before truly comprehending energetic matter’s ingenuous behavior. Furthermore, I take my hat off to Schrodinger and Heisenberg who somehow managed to overcome the scant evidence and postulated equations that complete the picture.

These ideas that were introduced by the 20th century’s preeminent scientists — Maxwell, Einstein, Planck, Born, Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrodinger, De Broigle, and others — are the springboard and focal point of 21st century physics. Wave theory — the simple, logical process of uniting electric and magnetic behaviors as a superposition of identical matter (energetic matter) — is the X-factor that all these outstanding physicists laboriously searched for and will catapult physics onto the next level.

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