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Grand Unified Theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything


Life created by

Moving energetic matter paths by spin time changing.

proteins DNA chains [created by living space fabrics], that composed our genome


Tejman Chaim Henry Dr. Jerusalem,

Independent researches of Grand United Nature-Wave theory



The primary virtual sophisticated substance [space fabrics-Einstein] is living, energetic substance, constant active [by spin, trajectories, time forces) and is not a surprising then, that all living formations are a sequence of this primary constant active force [United Nature Theory-Tejman].



1 Wave motion, by space fabrics.

2 Our genome [motion]

3 Our Universe motion.

The creations of NATURE are simple but very…very sophisticated!!! 

This chain DNA motion by sin changing is the basis of all creation and everything.

Southern California Brush Fire of Visibility

Dispersion of matter by fire [hay energy] by double bubbles-quanta-DNA.

These pictures beautiful explain spin motion like auroras earth prominences by all spins.

2007 Aurora Gallery-

Fun - Aurora Australis

Green Auror Magnetic

Aurora Borealis

Aurora and meteor











These pictures explained strong spin 1 force create weak ½ spin force. The space fabrics are active living media. This like “simple” force creates living creations. and alone is constant active living creation

Energetic path only by small changes by spin motion even of atom’s level appears different behavior as different species, genetic diseases  or cancer etc 

These string bobbles DNA chains quanta create protein, everything and our life. 

The rRNA of the 30S ribosomal subunit, as determined at the Structural Biology Center. The parts of the rRNA as shown here are: messenger RNA (purple), head (green), central domain ((blue), and body (red) with H44 in cyan. The gold ribbons represent the binding from the anticodon stem loop.

Fig. 1. /


See Here

see here)




Astrophoto: The Veil Nebula by Nick Howes


Illustration of a cell, showing the nucleus, and the DNA within the nucleus.
Ribosome, mRNA, tRNA image by

An illustration showing an example o of DNA in the nucleus of a human
How does protein structure








An illustration showing an example of the structure and organization of DNA in the nucleus of a human cell. (Image

of DNA in the nucleus of a human cell. (Image couresty of the

National Institute on Aging/National Institutes of Health


File:Spombe Pop2p protein structure rainbow.png
File:Spombe Pop2p protein
File:Protein Structure cdc42

DNA genes


Astrophoto: The Veil Nebula by Nick Howes

The Veil Nebula. Pict. 1 The Veil Nebula.
a cigarette with a smoke










The same basic DNA appears in organic and not organic formations.


2Protein, from primary to quaternary structure

Protein structure by different energetic spin pathof  DNA spins forces motion

Proteins which composed our genome are living formations created by living space fabrics DNA chains.

Energetic matter paths  move by spin time changing.

In Human genome energetic spin path [DNA time forces] by age the energetic strong force is weaker and wave became red shift. Every genome energetic spin path [time forces] has it’s specific genes of genome time continue matrix [example different genes called “hormones” continue that genome matrix time create in different periods. But in every genome time age period the”same” like proteins changed their spin behavior. 

Quanta creations organic and not organic continue transmitted by evolution to next generations by rigid genome matrix creations. Non organic quanta by evolution remain the same because the absorb energy is allways the same [example our Universe quantum] every quantum has beginning that means also end [every formation which has beginning has end and dispersed again to vicinity [“space fabrics”] for new creations. 

 Living creations have active matrix [DNA spin forces motion] that means that is in constant contact with changing vicinity and depending of different kinds of energy supply, that cause to constant adaptation that provide to genes changing. Gene’s adaptation appears only by small spin changes [matrix gene’s] that are necessary for survival species and of individual. [Only Human being is able life in vicinity by changing Nature in vicinity and build different facilities] That is amazing how that specific rigid living quantum matrix time transmit to next generation as formation including all genes’ changes that has acquired and adapt in its time period.

But not all genes are adapting immediately by rigid genome DNA spins matrix forces to different energetic sources, as to changing food, plants, parasites, new diseases etc. That cause to some mild or severe genetic diseases. It’s known that healthy people immigrants from Yemen or Ethiopia very high percent develop by time diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems that they haven’t before. That appears by food changing and life behavior that transmits to next generations.   

If some genes are not adapt correctly in some important DNA genome genes chains spoiled and organism can’t overcome this problem by self improve, repair that provide to dangerous situations and even to destroy the whole organism. That is natural selection [Darwin]. Example: cancer- when spoiled DNA gene can’t repair itself to continue energy genome matrix spins time circulation.

Organism all time create new cells and destroy older, that appears only by matrix codes but spoiled gene time even by minimum DNA path spin “defect” which not exactly appears of the matrix schedule can’t be repaired. Cancer is one of the many tools of NATURE to natural equilibrium of vicinity ecology. But Human being is in constant competition with NATURE. Theoretical private idea –creation of individual private bank gene from different times of individual periods of host and used them … when appears some problem in host.

Summary: United Nature Theory is new path for much generation to very amazing interesting works


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