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Grand Unified Theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything


Pluto ex solar 8 planet expelled by solar quantum to solar comets paths like electron expelled by atoms quantum.


Tejman Chaim Henry Dr. Jerusalem,

Independent researches of United Nature-Wave theory


But Pluto is still planet with 2 moons

Still belong to solar gravitational-space  borders and by pahase transition [that continue millions of years] transmit to solar magnetic comets path, where some are absorb back by Sun and some disperse to space.

 Metabolism of Solar quantum.

NASA, New Horizons,

Pluto and its moon Charon



Pluto and its moon Charon, as seen from the surface of one of its other satellites. Image: Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics  By beautiful telescope pictures, nature is showing us its behavior.


Until Pluto transfer to magnetic solar path and has a moon and circles the sun near energetic paths is a planet [Mercury is a new planet instead of Pluto]

We found many extra solar planets don’t known if they are solar quanta or like Pluto but we call them planets.

We are only on beginning to understanding the ingenious NATURE behavior. 

Only by beautiful telescope pictures (space laboratory), we learn the ingenious sophisticated nature behavior.


We deal with NATURE creations but we are still far

to understanding NATURE behavior secrets.

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© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry.  Juny  2014

Theory of everything.