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Electron Wave Particle Quantum

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The electron is the most important part of atom for life creation.



Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.

United Nature Theory-Wave Theory


"Logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge of the empirical world;
all knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends in it.”

A.Eintein, 1933

An electron is the last particle in the chain of the atom wave structure (quantum). This claimed atomic structure is a conclusion coming from observing different galaxies in space. The sophisticated structure of the atom can only be explained as having been formed by nature; no human imagination could have created a structure as sophisticated as this. Even Einstein, in his work, pointed out that mathematical equations are not sufficient and that the knowledge of matter natural behavior is essential. It is best if these two structures are put to work together- mathematics and nature.

I received the idea of the electron particle and atom structure from space formations which have different shapes and sizes, but still always keep showing the quantum two semi-loop behavior.

Stephan’s Quintet (NASA)

Explanation of Stephan’s Quintet galaxies

The hydrogen atom structure-see wave theory


Galaxy M-51

Explanation of hydrogen atom behavior


I have created an illustration of atom’s formation based on the photograph of Stephan’s quintet and other galaxies.

1) Proton behaves like Kerr galaxy swirls 00

2) Proton positron paths.

3) Positron (cloud, swirl); 450.

4) Neutron particle, 900 , like Schwarzschild galaxy swirl

5) Neutron electron paths. (In galaxies paths of stars, planets atom formation


6) Electron (clouds), 2700.

7) Electron particle orbits around proton. (Feynman “Sum over histories”).

Proton – Neutron wave formations 900. .

Electron particle – Positron particle 900   wave formations.


Description of atom (gravitational wave):

Proton, like Kerr swirl, black hole propels energetic pathway which by revolving and rotation motion, this one energetic path creates additional three atomic particles form closed formation, bubble formation.

Every particle in the wave atom paths has its own geometrical space formation, gravitational field trajectory and what we call charges that are gravitational fields, specific for every particle and for her space geometry.

Einstein solution was crafted ingeniously by Riemannian geometry, Gauss curvature, Richi curvature, gravitational wave. Wave theory shows the way nature confirms these predictions of Einstein 100 years ago.

The hydrogen atom (Theoretical)


Schrödinger’s quantum equation



1    =    1

Tejman’s equation of quantum formation in photon phase transitions where energetic semi-loop and magnetic semi-loop are in equilibrium energetic state


An electron particle (e.g. a hydrogen atom as in the figure above) is the most free wave particle in the atom structure behaves as wave but has its space, gravity and orbit; it is weakly tied to the proton in the energetic matter circulation inside the atom.


Depending on the amount of energy that reaches the electron, from gravitational neutron path it raises or decreases the orbit surrounding it, until the proton receives its energy in steady quantities that the proton has the capacity to absorb like a black hole. The proton in its turn secretes other energetic path specific for him quanta that circulate and revolve. The rotational motion of the energetic paths creates an additional three fundamental forces from this basic proton strong force that are the basis for everything in nature.

The fact that electron wave particle can absorb energy, enlarge electron space capacity (see the picture with electroscopes) and expel it is the important phenomenon for atom stability.


The classic experiments with electroscopes demonstrate very important properties of energetic matter-space. Adding energetic matter (space time) causes the foil to be pushed away.  The more energy we add, the more the foil is pushed away.


This simple, impressive experiment demonstrates that energetic matter has its space.  The greater the energetic matter, the greater the space.  Energetic matter ≈ space and space ≈ energetic matter. In the picture above we see clearly that energetic matter = space.

Conclusion: the space between the foils is filled with energetic matter and therfore, does not empty, so the space between the electron particle and the atom is not void – empty!

Space capacity increase the orbit surrounding atom it into larger circulations is the main source of the living creation - to receive energy and to pass it through to a target with a lower energetic level (Tejman’s second law of thermodynamics). This is a process which happens constantly and endlessly while the atom exists. This is the basic “metabolism” of all living and not living formations. Everything in nature contains this circulation of energetic matter; this is the basis of breathing. Within a closed system there always exists an energetic matter circulation. Energetic matter shows a lively mercurial behavior and it can only exist in closed energetic formations (quantum) for energetic circulation. If we split the wave formation (quantum) this energetic matter will immediately create a new wave formation with a lower energetic matter capacity. Thus, all that is in the world can be considered as a living formation because it has a closed circulation system of energetic matter.  Both organic and non-organic formations show evidence of behavior of living energetic matters. A formation that is not alive cannot create life - life can only be created by a living matter. From that we can conclude that our big universe is also a living formation. My idea looks absurd, but this is the reality, it may seem amusing to suggest that all organic and non organic formations go through metabolism of energetic exchange, in that meaning that all quantum formations breathe. It may seem as an absurd claim of which an atom is both the simplest and the most controversial example. As a living formation it is accepted that the rule of reproduction applies. However, this means that it narrows down our point of view of the universe. The atom receives energetic matter from the vicinity and the proton transforms it into an electric form similar to the black hole activity which transforms it into an energetic semi-loop. The revolving rotational motion of the energetic paths ejected from proton creates neutron formations which transform the electric behavior into magnetic (gravitational) behavior. The electron transforms the circulate energy back to the proton. This explains the metabolism inside the atom; thus explains how the atom breathes.  Below I attempt to show a visual proof.

The orbits are increasing and

decreasing all the time.

The obvious known details of physics are not discussed here; these have been already proved by scientists of physics who deserve their fame and credit. This work attempts to humbly show how nature behaves and can only strengthen the ongoing research in physics.


An atom is a living formation (inside it the proton is like the black hole which absorbs and secretes energy). It “breathes” like any other living formation. An atom is a most stable particle formation, but still a wave particle (De Broglie), a part of which is an electron particle. We have observed that everything in nature behaves in the same way as the red blood cells behavior (see my “Red blood cells” article). Everything appears as Casimir force (force from nothing) which creates a space time curvature (Einstein).


In this wavy virtual undefined space (media) what appears all the time are different level spaces (tensions) that bring upon constant virtual activity of space fabrics. Activities of those spaces appear by revolving and rotating motions, and they condense this matter to maximum in form of black holes or other formations.


This space force ''from nothing”, is known as Casmir’s force. The force is an electric force which appears between two closed metals plates. This experiment clearly shows that a space force really does exist around us.



It is possible that maybe Einstein’s space, the time curvatures,

(That also appears by revolving and rotation motion space fabrics) is a similar force to the Casmir force.

This virtual energetic space time curvature, by its one directional swirling behavior, concentrate more and more energetic space that create different formations and condensate formations like nebula and others. Most discussed is the “Black Hole" force which creates wave formation (quantum) known as the “Strong force”.

(See article ''Atom structure'' United nature theory).


The Black holes condensed maximum point is called “Singularity”. At this point a condensed energetic matter is expelled in packages, similar to Planck’s famous experiment – the Black body radiation:


Those small quanta resemble the behavior of a big quantum which creates the galaxy.

Protons too, like small black holes (strong force), also expel energetic path (that create quantum formation) which by revolving and rotating motions that create gravitational closed wave formations. This quantum represents four forces.

Quantum formation (Planck), gravitational wave (Einstein) and two semi-loops wave formation (Tejman) are different names for the same formation.

This strong quantum is a closed creation of basic energetic matter (condensed energetic space time) and is a stabile wave particle formation (Our Universe is also quantum defined formation and is an infinite sophisticated virtual space media).


This invisible sophisticated space (media) creates everything using its fabrics. All studies clearly show that that space media (basic force for everything) really exists around us.

My idea is similar to that of Antoine Lavoisier (See his work ''Reflections on Phlogiston'', 1783).


From the moment quantum formation is established, the energetic matter tries to escape from this strong condensed space formation, back to his original form and space. This escaping energetic matter is the force known as strong (electric) force. Every dint of this escaping swirling matter, like small black holes, immediately creates new wave formation; by different methods we utilize this energetic escaping space force.


Energetic force = escaping energetic matter from its strong binding. Quantum formation .The escaping energetic matter (electricity) must   create immediately a closed (quantum) formation.

The escaping free energetic matter (high energetic photon-energetic semi-loop, Casimir force that has yet to become a closed formation) is transported by electric wires and transferred by electrons, to places where the force is needed and to places where it becomes a closed formation.

A good example is the light bulb which uses this energetic matter.

In places with high resistance for energetic matter flow (the wires), this energetic matter appears as a concentration of energetic matter and then expelled like in an atom photon.


By different methods we help this energetic space force to escape and utilize this space energetic activity for electricity. Electricity is packages of high energetic half photons (Casimir force- “from nothing”) which are also called “high energetic electron” and are condensed energetic space matter.

As an Example we can rotate electric wire coil with large energetic space capacity between magnetic boards without contact between, them and electric current will appear.( Similar to Casimir force “from nothing”, which is a force from nature).


This sophisticated ingenious matter is to be found anywhere around us, it has only not been acknowledged yet. The formation of energetic matter (condensed space, time) is the condensed formation similar to nebula black hole quantum formation galaxies. Here begins the second cycle of life disintegration of quantum formation and return the energetic formation back to space. The integration of energetic matter shows that the cycle of life is without a beginning or an end. This basic substance is being “an eternal sophisticated creation”. We are only able to observe   stable formations of this suggested matter which by wave formation two semi-loops (Tejman) create all the known structures in the world. Einstein postulated that quantum formation creates everything, large and small - he was correct. Each quantum (wave particle) is a stable independent formation, and it contains within it all the known forces, from tiniest to largest, that in phase transitions (see “Wave theory”) changes its shape but not its behavior.


Energetic matter shows a lively mercurial wild behavior. It creates different shapes of quantum formations that are beyond our wildest imagination. Each quantum formation, due to energetic matter not resuming the same form, can behave differently even though they may have similar structure. Nature can create anything within any quantum formation which the human mind cannot even think of, this amazing ingenious behavior of this substance that acts in all dimensions of space.


One of the most ingenious ideas of the twentieth century is the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle that introduced an equation to the uncertainty behavior of energetic matter energetic.

Another ingenious and important idea is Schrödinger’s idea of superposition.


Although Einstein was not fond of these ideas, which were strange to all constant formulas of physics since they disobey rules of Physics, they form a new dimension by which physics can be understood on a higher lever. From this unusual and unique point of view and from the research it is possible to conclude that an energetic source (see my article “motion of an energetic matter”) sends off an energetic path.




It is possible that this is similar to Green’s string theory (picture)

Figure 1


The natural formation of the energetic matter motion can be seen from solar prominence.   



The revolving and rotational motion creates simple like energetic path (string) in which all particles are in gravitational atom formation. The path formation is a condensed cloud energetic matter creation which is inside the wave formation. By revolving and rotating of this geometrical space, it creates different formations of this energetic parts motion and for two semi-loops. This energetic matter is in a super position in which each semi-loop is on the other. This appears both in the smallest and in the largest formations; that means that every piece of energetic matter, large or small, is in the super position in which the second part of loops is in every corner of the energetic matter. All the energetic formations in living organic and not organic formations show this behavior. This simple principle can surely be understood by anyone. How does this quantum formation really occurs is really beyond my imagination, perhaps you can appreciate!!! That means that the quantum creation appears in every corner of our universe, in every corner of His creation. It is hard for me to understand it, but it is a fact. All quantum formations show the same behavior (Einstein). Only Newton, over 300 years ago, in his philosophical work claimed that time is absolute – which is amazing. In this absolute exists Einstein’s relative time that is also ingenious indeed. Since in this absolute quantum universe appear small quantum galaxies which rotate quicker, in them time is relative every quantum has its own time (turnover), which is relative to the absolute Newton’s time. In smaller quantum like batteries the turnover time is quicker, and in atomic formations even quicker. That means that both theories had brilliant ideas despite the fact that they struggled with each other regarding the time concept and wave theory explain that the both of them is right.


An electron particle, the smallest part of the atom revolves and rotates as quickly as may exist, we perceive it as wave behavior. But since it is actually an existing particle it means that it has space and gravity, so it is condensed wave substance (with magnetic gravity semi-loop behavior) which keeps the wave substance by its space geometry behavior, in which superposition radiate into this semi-loop atomic formation.  Wave theory is based on Einstein’s Idea of wavy sophisticated space substance (fabrics) and de Broglie works. Louis-Victor de Broglie formulated this hypothesis, claiming that all matter, not just light, has a wave-like nature; he related wavelength, λ (lambda), and momentum, p:

This is a generalization of Einstein's equation above since the momentum of a photon is given by p = E / c


Being a wave particle explains the wild behavior of energetic matter that cannot repeat the same orbit. That means that the Heisenberg uncertainty principle is ingenious and so is Feynman’s idea of the remembered path.


  • The most Heisenberg equation is the uncertainty relation between position and momentum of a particle in space:

The sophisticated approach to electron-positron field in Richard Feynman interpretation corresponds to a field of opposite charged pairs of ON-currents (see his beautiful works).

''The decision of equations in the form of a pair of two-parametrical families of vectors in each point has natural spinor representation. It is outstanding, that impulse vector has other form of record as well:

In a course of undressed electron dressing the replacement of electron-positron pairs: to pairs of differential ON-currents with cancellation of the local law of charge conservation in formation of a differential virtual pair is fruitful.’’

United nature theory claims that everything is created by virtual space substance behavior and the particles are formed only with this wave virtual matter, which creates quantum formation where the second gravitational semi-loop appears. This ONE universe substance (matter) is the one who rules everything with his ingenious sophisticated behavior.

Those ingenious works try to teach us about nature behavior. In my work, much like Darwin, Lemarck, Mendell and Mendeleyev, I put together all puzzle pieces from nature researches and discoveries, in order to fully understand nature behavior.




Explanation of hydrogen atom behavior

Explanation of Stephan’s Quintet galaxies

The hydrogen atom structure-see wave theory






The electron particle behavior in the atom is similar to our earth magnetic behavior (magnetic lines-blue lines) and horizontal energetic semi-loops (red lines). Most condensed energetic matter (picture 8) is in the center of the atom, similar to our planet and less in the periphery.

The electrons always connected to their basic neutron which is a part of a great   atom structure. The large atom formation has a lot of neutron (small hydrogen quantum) and a lot of hydrogen photons (quantum) and he alone is a large quantum (complete one quantum formation) confluent from small quanta.





Picture 9 shows a helium atom, which is an alpha formation. It shows the energetic semi-loop (red) that holds the atom structure together and neutrons (magnetic semi-loop) try to keep their ownership on the parts of the energetic semi-loops (strong electric forces). Picture 10 shows molecule formation when two atoms (on the side of molecule formation) are connected by electrons (weak magnetic forces).These electrons by their spins can come in contact with protons of two atoms. In the same time the energetic semi-loops of each atom are opposite the molecule link. The energetic matter of the molecule gathers between the atoms. This formation, by adding energetic matter, can easily be separated and also by adding energetic matter to atom we enlarge the electron parts that easily come to a relationship with other electron paths of the other atom that help to create molecules. Picture 11 is a picture of our earth. The energetic lines are horizontal and the magnetic lines are vertical, exactly as they are in large atom structures. Einstein’s prediction that all quantum formations, small and large, have the same behavior and the united nature theory, brings together the ideas of Plank and Einstein and shows that both where correct- each in his own way. The quantum formation amazes us of its simplicity of the formation on the one hand, and its sophistication and ingenious on the other hand, that we now have material to research till the end of human kind.

The picture of the atom structure above shows that an electron particle is the last in the energetic path, giving its energy to the proton for a continuous energetic circulation (energy flows only in closed wave formations). The electron is loosely tied to the proton and whenever it receives energy in this circulation the proton is not always able to absorb it, thus, the energetic capacity of the electron grows and its orbit enlarges. The electron particle is tied to its atomic formation by long paths from the neutron and also with energetic substance of the atom’s energetic space. The larger orbit results in expelled of the superfluous energy in the form of photon, leading the electron to resume its basic lower orbit state or otherwise the additional energy will eject out from the atom. This will lead to the atom remaining without an electron, loosing its energy and shrinking. However, this does not occur. How come?  From this energetic accepted matter appears a new electron in its place, which now continues the rotation within the atom. Again, we are witnessing the ingenious behavior of nature: an atom as a living formation. It breathes, receives and expels energy. All this means that the electron is a regulator of the energetic atom matter; it balances the energetic atom quantum formation. Thus the atom equilibrium is kept. From that we can conclude that the new electron is also a piece of condensed space time.

Larger atoms show the same behavior as small ones, although they may have a different structure. According to this idea they must always keep an energetic equilibrium.


I do not wish to refute with classic physics, but to humbly add my ideas and hopefully add to classic physics research. Perhaps, in the atom, this formation is the electron (a moving cloud - wavy behaviour).  The Kerr swirl, which behaves like a black hole, can swallow only small amounts of energy.  Excess energy is concentrated near the mouth of the swirl and grows, achieving more mobility and atomic space.  In the atom, the electron cloud appears to be more independent and jumps to a higher orbit.  Perhaps, rather than actually jumping to a higher orbit, the electron cloud enlarges its space enough to come in contact with the higher orbit.


Because the electron cloud belongs to the magnetic path,it moves in a perpendicular path from north to south or south to north, or around the energetic swirl (proton) - but only in the direction of the swirl’s rotation, west to east.   This is the rotation of atomic energy formations. 




By adding more energy, the electron cloud can separate itself from its wave and become a high-energy independent magnetic loop (electron), flowing between atoms in the energetic path.  Once the atom from which the electron originated creates another cloud of excess energy, the lost electron cannot return to its original wave.  If it is connected to magnetic paths, the electron can jump orbits when energy is added, and return to its original size when energy is lost.  Every atom has its specific energy level, space and time.  When energy is added, their orbits cannot exceed the energy level of the original wave.  Excess energy is expelled in the form of photons bearing the characteristics of the atom releasing them.



Every electron has its own space, spin, momentum and mass (interaction between energetic formations), and is a high-energy, independent formation.  As its behaviour is derived from the Schwarzschild swirl, so its rotation is like the vertical, magnetic loop of a wave (see the chapter on quarks.

The electron transfers the energetic matter (electricity) through wires, but the electron space geometry doesn’t allow him to form a wave formation, but only to receive some amount of energy. The electron immediately expels (transfer) the energetic matter to another electron that is capable of receiving this energy (electricity flow).The speed of electricity has the speed of a wave formation (+\- 300 thousand kilometres a seconds, exactly as Einstein's work) because every electron creates temporarily a wave formation which immediately moves to another electron and that is the reason the speed of electricity has the, more or less, the same speed. Einstein’s light velocity is one handed with wave formation’s speed \ relative time theory, but we also have other velocities that are attributed with Newton’s absolute time theory.

An electron particle can only connect with positron particle’s space geometry and create complete wave formation (quantum). This phenomenon is known annihilation that is a process of new wave formation (quantum) that is also a neutral quantum formation without charge. That is the reason that it was so difficult to be discovered, and the particles were thought as if they have disappeared.

The nucleus of the atom is composed of photon-like structures strongly connected by their energetic loops (pic. 8).  The connection between atoms and molecules is by the electron.






(1)(2)(3) The motion of Coriolis force (Energetic matter motion).


(4)(5)(6) Coriolis Force – the force is the same however,

it has two different representations at the northern and southern parts

of the earth, hence the different directions of the swirls.



































In large atoms the energetic matter coalescence but every neutron keeps its connection with its original proton swirl and in order to split atom structure we must separate between every energetic swirl (strong force) in order to do that we need very strong forces. In atom all energetic proton swirls has the same direction and that is the reason that they merge into one strong energetic force but every neutron swirl has opposite direction and keep its own basic individual atomic quantum that in large atoms merge into one large quantum. This different orientation of neutrons gives that energetic matter flow to the same direction but in two levels: one has their neutron and electrons north orientation while the second flow suites orientation and that phenomenal explains beautifully the Coriolis forces.


The pictures 5 and 6 explain the two levels of energetic matter that flow in the same direction on our planet formation (as the behaviour in atoms), but electrons (magnetic behaviour) have opposite directions. That is the reason for the different direction of swirl formation in north and south. The coriolis forces that are known to us explain the electrons behaviours in atoms formation. Again we see how the small formations explain the larger ones and vice versa.

Every addition of energy enlarges the cloud, but not the swirl, which cannot exceed its original size.  The electron can thus come into contact with other swirls or jump orbits (temporarily enlarge its space).

Disconnecting atoms and molecules occurs by adding energy and enlarging the magnetic path connecting the electron.  In strong magnetic fields, one atom of a molecule travels to the north pole of a magnet and a second travels to the south.  It is very important to understand molecular bonds.  In picture 6, the A2 molecules travel to opposite magnetic poles, demonstrating that they have different directions of rotation.


Atoms in molecules rotate in opposite directions (↑↓). The theoretical structure of molecules is a very complex energetic matter bond. The most important bonds between atoms and molecules are by electrons, the most mobile formation in the atom. By adding energy it can extend its space and easily come in contact with a positron and create a wave formation (positron + electron = electro-magnetic wave). The wave, from two high-energy formations, is high-energy. It can be separated by adding energy or by lack of energy, as occurs in organic formations. A hydrogen electron in organic bonds, with its large radius, is very sensitive to energy shifts downward that decrease its size. In the sodium atom, the second level photon is large and the electron has a large radius that easily creates molecular bounds.

In the atom, bonding is by energetic loops (pic. 8).  We see clearly that their pulling forces maintain the structure, while the pushing forces of magnetic loops weaken it.  In molecules, where bonding is by magnetic electron swirls, the structure is weaker and needs more energy to maintain it (pic. 8a).  Distances between atoms (waves) in a molecule are larger than between photons (waves) in the atom’s nucleus; they can easily be separated or joined.

Molecular bonds create energetic swirls between and around atoms. In astronomical observations of celestial clusters, we see similar formations, like beehives.


Energetic matter behaviour is the same in formations of all sizes.  Energy circulation in all objects must be by wave formations.  It is sometimes very difficult to find a wave formation in an object, but by careful observation we may do so.


Molecule bonds:

Single energy formations like atoms must join others to create a closed swirl formation to stabilize energy.  In this formation, in addition to the each atom’s individual swirl, there is a common central swirl that maintains energy more strongly than the single atoms did.  These central swirls can be strongly energetic, as in atoms, or weakly magnetic, as in molecules.  Every closed formation has one purpose - to maintain energy, which is inflationary and tries to escape into space.


Electricity (energetic matter) behaves by two semi-loops like in atomic gravitational wave formation:



The same behavior of energetic matter in magnetic field:



A hundred years ago Einstein published an ingenious idea that all materials are built from one substance. Only by space geometry behavior is one shape distinct from the other. At that period of time these part of his ideas were considered far fetched, so during the years 1912-1915 he tried to prove his ideas mathematically. Einstein believed that this world can fully be understood only by physicists and other scientists. So by hard work (that caused him to be sick and lose a lot of weight) and with the help of his scientist friends and by Riemannian geometry, Gauss curvature and Ricci curvature he was able to explain his idea mathematically that all physicists can understand. However, many scientists still do not except his relativity theory, because it does not explain electric charges (Einstein also claimed that galaxies are universes and this too, wasn’t accepted. This claim is partially right and I will attempt to explain this in my following works).

However throughout his lifetime he believed that only nature itself can explain this creation and that it is not perceivable by the human mind:

After a hundred years the united nature theory is proved by nature that he was correct. I too collect all findings that are available to science, much like Darwin, and I prove how much Einstein was right. Till today I am amazed how he came to his conclusions.

Nature clearly shows, mainly from sky observations that everything is made up from one substance. There is no evidence of electric charges, but  that only stabile formation(quantum) are made up from two semi-loops (as the pictures above show electric fields).Electricity too behaves as gravitational laws(See Coulomb works).However, all this is because different space geometry and motion of energetic matter, by revolving and rotating motions, creates a closed wave formation. Every part of this quantum closed stabile formation has a different geometric space orientation. At the moment they split, some parts of this continuous energetic part (string) can come in contact with other parts that have suitable geometrical space and create together a wave formation (closed quantum) or closed electric field( gravitational wave formation). I think that the plus and minus signs that are well accepted, may continue to represent the different two semi-loops. However for deep atomic (space) search, only Einstein’s geometric behavior can help us. I accept many letters that the united nature theory does not explain electric charges. That is why I show only what nature shows, and that all the credit goes to Einstein.


Annihilation processes clearly explains the wave theory:




The pictures above show annihilation which creates two wave formations when electron crashes with a positron, a photon formation appears (stabile wave formation). This experiment clearly shows that positron is not antimatter ad did not cause the positron and the electrons to disappear but only create stabile wave formation, because there opposite geometrical space orientations are suitable to create stabile wave formation. That means that both opposite chargers meet and don’t cancel each other out, but only complete each other to create close wave formations. An energetic matter from one particle can not cause other energetic matters to disappear, because it is a virtual matter.







Picture A

Picture B

In these pictures (picture A & B) we see that the split of photon immediately creates a wave formation. This is because energetic matter can circulate only in closed wave formation and even the smallest amount and the biggest amount must be in the closed wave formation. That means that our universe is also a closed wave formation, which is made up from small quantum formations.  Here we can clearly see that the photon split to a positron and electron (which can represent high photon electricity in wire current) which have geometrical space and that fits perfectly an electric semi-loop wave formation. Wave formation quantum is a stabile formation and does not have any charge. That is why it was hard to find by researchers. But this energetic matter really didn’t disappear at all, only circulated a stabile energetic matter formation.


Picture B above, clearly proves the wave theory. The split photon becomes an energetic semi-loop (the upper part) which has the ability to create a wave formation because of it is an energetic semi-loop, which immediately creates an energetic wave. The lower part of the picture shows a gravitational semi-loop (magnetic) that has more shrinking properties. It doesn’t always create a wave formation because of its shrinking energetic matter; hence it is more heavy and smaller (electron properties).


Dirac gave it a name to positron- “antimatter" because of his mathematical equations of his that are opposite to electron. However all space observations show that we haven't found evidence of "antimatter" and that only positron belongs to an opposite semi-loop from the same energetic matter substance. This energetic matter is such a sophisticated creation that there is no reason to believe that it creates "antimatter", because it itself behaves as a Schrödinger cat. This means that it has a lot of shapes to appear as. This universe substance is eternal and is still hard to understand.







Once again, only pictures from nature can explain the behavior of energetic matter, which is a wavy substance. The left picture represents the energetic wave semi-loop which is mainly wave formation with energetic matter and has geometrical behavior that radiates the wave formation out. The right picture shows particle formation that is a condensed energetic matter (magnetic semi-loop). From a lot of sky observations we see that condensed energetic formation appears as if from nowhere, and is an energetic source form for other creations. The best known creation is the black holes, which create quantum wave formation. From here we can conclude that we have only one space substance that creates everything with the help stabile wave formation. In wave formation the energetic semi-loop is created first and immediately creates a second semi-loop formation that has the ability to condense and guard both the energy and wave formation.





Electron is the important atom particle which gathers atomic energetic balance (metabolise). The electron \ atom space is responsible for the conversion of all the energetic matter sources to living formations and their continuous existence.


Copyright Dr. Tejman Chaim Henry October 2006



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