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Quantum Constant


United nature theory - wave theory

Chaim, Henry Tejman Dr.


Gravity =


The masterpiece creation of the world is the energetic space, a creation which by her swirling revolving and rotation motion creates quantum formation.

This is one of the most ingenious, incredible and sophisticated creation, which is beyond our imagination.


In all its outcomes, quantum (gravitational wave, wave formation) has the same behavior evolution as the main creation.


Quantum (photon)

Gravitational wave

Wave formation

Max Planck

Albert Einstein

Chaim, Henry Tejman

That is the same formation but different ideas.


The first quantum formation was Faraday's famous experiment:






By moving magnetic bar in perpendicular spiral coil appears electric flux in its closed electric formation.



The mathematical explanation of this experiment by Maxwell:



 Planck's experiment of black body radiation explains that the same basic formation of everything is the quantum formation.


The importance of Planck's physical constant and his equations were revealed by Einstein. The quantum mechanics developed based on Planck's work, and mainly by Bohr, Born, Schrodinger, Heisenberg, Dirac and others.


This sophisticated quantum formation creates everything and our universe as well.


The basic quantum equation is Planck's constant:


h =\,\,\, 6.626\ 0693(11) \times10^{-34}\ \mbox{J}\cdot\mbox{s} \,\,\, = \,\,\,  4.135\ 667\ 43(35) \times10^{-15}\ \mbox{eV}\cdot\mbox{s}


From Chaim Tejman's equations of gravity, we can see that the relation between energy,  space and gravity is: (you can also see his work by clicking the following link)




From that equation we can see that:




That actually means that:


     Tejman                    Planck




By modifying


Planck's Tejman (equations}

            We can see that:


Gravitational waves

Explanation for the picture and equation:


In quantum formation, when space disperses the frequency and the gravity are both reducing.

When space shrinks, gravity and frequency are both rising.



            Example: Neutrino which nearly loses his energetic semi loop has high gravitational wave formation with very high frequency (rotation and revolving motion) and this is the reason why it is very hard to catch it.

            In the other hand, huge gravitational wave rotation revolves with lower frequency exactly like the universe quantum (wave formation) rotation and revolving is near 0.



            The nature recognizes one force energetic matter (condensate energetic space, time) which can exist only in closed wave formation. Energetic matter creates closed formation and this closed formation is the quantum complete creation and there is not any force that can avoid the energetic matter to form its closed formation.

The gravitational wave (quantum formation) which is closed and independent formation, acts only to gravitational wave by the same wave range frequency. For example if one molecule is vibrating in a certain frequency, then all the molecules in its vicinity that has the same properties, vibrates at the same frequency.


            We can disintegrate molecules formation by different forces while in order to disintegrate the atom formation we need to use enormous force.


            After the creation of quantum formation, the energetic matter has one destination - to escape and return back into energetic space. We use that energetic matter with different methods for our own proposes (including the electric current). The matter that

manages to escapes is the same matter that we name energy and use as energetic force. See the chapter about the electric force by Tejman Chaim.


Only the energetic force creates the electric and quantum wave formation.




Gravity and frequency depends on the proportion of energetic matter in quantum formation, see chapter quantum constants:



ŠTejman Chaim, Henry Dr. 2006








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