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Introduction to Electricity


Condensed Energetic Space, Time(Force)


Strong Electric Force


From series of unified field theory.




Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.  

United nature theory-Wave theory


The basic creation for everything is space - the virtual sophisticated media which is still beyond our understanding or even our imagination.


Different level spaces (tensions) that arise constant virtual activity of space fabrics appears all the time in this wavy virtual undefined space (media).

Activity of those spaces appears by revolving and rotation motion of spaces fabrics.


This space force ''from nothing' is known as Casmir’s force: Electric force that appears between very close metals. This experiment clearly shows that 'space force' really exist around us.

Like this force(space motion) which is known as Einstein’s space, time curvature that appears by revolving and rotation  space fabrics:


This virtual energetic space time curvature, by their one directional swirling motion, increasingly concentrate energetic space and that creates different space condensate formations like nebula and others. The most discussed formation is the “Black Hole" force which creates wave formation (quantum) that is known as a strong force.

You can see the ''Atom structure'' article of the United nature theory.


Black hole in his most condensate point called “Singularity" expelled this condensed energetic matter in packages like in Planck’s famous experiment – Black body radiation:

Those small quanta resemble exactly the same behavior, like quanta from black holes which is creating the galaxy.

Protons like small black holes (strong force) also expelled energetic path, which by revolving rotation motion, creates gravitational closed wave formation with another three forces.

Quantum formation (PLANCK), gravitational  wave(EINSTEIN), two semi loops wave formation (TEJMAN)are different names for the same creation – This strong quantum closed creation of basic energetic matter(condensed energetic space, time)which is stabile wave particle formation (Our Universe is also quantum defined formation in infinite sophisticated virtual space media).

This invisible sophisticated space (media) by her fabrics creates everything. All investigations clearly show that space media (basic force for everything) really exists around us – exactly like my idea.

See Antoine Lavoisier work ''Reflections on Phlogiston''1783.

From the moment of quantum condensed formation, the energetic matter tries to escape from its strong condensed space formation back to its original media – space.

This escaping energetic matter is the force that we know as strong (electric) force and every dint of this escaping swirling lake small black hole immediately creates new wave formation, we utilize this energetic escaping space force y different methods.

Energetic force = escaping of energetic matter from its strong binding quantum formation.

The escaping energetic matter (electricity) is immediately trying to create closed (quantum) formation, Formation that creates all of the 4 basic forces (see United nature theory).

We are helping the energetic space force to escape by different methods and we use this space energetic activity.

Electricity are packages of high energetic half photons (Casmir force from nothing) which is also called “high energetic electron motion" - They are condensate energetic space matter high energetic half photons or high energetic electrons.

For example: when we rotate electric wire coil with large energetic space capacity between magnetic boards without any contact between them electric current appears.


It is exactly the Faraday’s experiment: when we move a magnet, electric current appears and electric flow current appears by magnetic motion without contact between the two formations.

In order to understand this phenomenon, please see wave formation (quantum formation).


Faraday’s experiment

Wave formation – Tejman’s theory


Pictures from nature of gravitational waves:



Galaxy M-51

Stefan's Quintet (N.G.C. 7317-20)

Wave formation - Photon formation (Quantum)

When we activate energetic (electric) space semi-loop, magnetic space semi-loop activity is starting immediately, and when we active magnetic space semi-loop, energetic (electric) space semi-loop activity is starting immediately.

By a motion of coil (electric semi loop) we arise at second magnetic semi loop which became excess of energetic space (energetic matter) and those half photons are being sent as electric packages in electric wire and that is electricity. The second end of this coil (like Faraday’s experiment) utilizes this electricity by different formations.

Electricity- electric force is a motion of energetic space (electric half photons - Casmir force from nothing) electric space time force packages that are trying to close themselves in closed quantum gravitational wave formation.

This energetic strong force is pushing half gravitational wave formation which (by revolving and rotation motion) is trying to create closed quantum wave formation. The closed wave formation reacts mainly to other wave formations but not to the electric charges (trajectories).

Electricity is electric half photon - proton strong force, non stabile formation which, by its expelled energetic path (like small black holes), creates wave stabile formation.

Quantum independent formation reacts only to other quantum (gravitational - wave formations) with the same frequency. This strong closed energetic matter formation known as very week gravitational force and defense strong of her vicinity but is not coming in contact with electric fields.

That is the reason that physicist can't unite mathematically this problem but nature shows that only one formation (energetic matter) creates everything.

United Nature Theory does not change the ingenious work of scientist but only explain them (like Darwin's works) from nature observation.

Benjamin Franklin was the first prominent scientist who research glitter.

By his ingenious intuition He felt that there must be a basic substance. 

He was right!!! United nature theory by her two semi-loop's photon explain exactly that glider is electric – energetic half photon (Casmir force).

Concentration of energetic matter from cooling clouds creates condensed energetic space which is creating its own energetic (electric) path flow to magnetic formation-earth.






The last picture clearly shows that condensation of energetic matter (electric force) form energetic path (glitter) to magnetic earth.

In United Nature Theory I am trying to explain like Antoine Lavoisier ("Reflections on Phlogiston", 1783) that there is an additional virtual media-space basic formation for everything. (I'm not sure that it is the last media).

I'm not the first to introduce space as the basic creation for everything (see my atom structure work).

The space, by its constant activity, is creating all the time space time curvature (trajectories)

  1. Einstein, in his famous theory "General relativity", introduces the space trajectories by using geometrical theory of Riemannian, Richie and Gauss as the basis for the explanation of gravitation force.

Nature united theory is clearly showing that + and - are only different space time trajectories motion, exactly as Einstein's idea.

Change of the trajectories geometrical configuration of the same energetic matter changes its behavior and electric fields.

Gravitation and electric forces (fields) are creation of the same energetic matter.

Gravitational wave quantum formation is closed wave formation that is strongly keeping its space capacity and has both different electric fields (like Schrodinger's cat).

It is hard for me to believe how before 100 years a man has come to so ingenious conclusions. I believe that it was a gift from... I think the same about Newton's works.



Electric force – half photon is a strong force (+), that is acting exactly like a black hole by trying to create stabile, closed quantum formation which is the main power for everything.


Copyright Dr. Tejman Chaim Henry July 2006







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