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 Quantum Constant


United Field Theory



United nature theory – wave theory

Chaim, Henry Tejman Dr.



Einstein’s equation is well known:



Tejman’s equation of gravity, energy and space:



        that means:







That means that the modification of Einstein’s and Tejman’s equations is:



and that means that:


Explanation to the Einstein’s Tejman equation modification:

When the space enlarges (in the quantum formation) the condensation of the energetic matter is dispersing and gravity is getting weaker, when the space is getting more condensate than gravity arises.

After the big bang, in quantum formations, the energetic matter has escaped from his strong shrinking condensation and tried to return again to the space.

Then, quantum constant proportions changed by phase transitions and dispersed to the space, but energetic matter always appears in quantum formation like Faraday’s Planck’s Einstein’s and Tejman’s works (equations).



Only one media – energetic space, by its swirling motion (revolving rotation), creates two semi loops formation (quantum) which creates everything.

The energetic space is the basic and the only media (formation) for everything (Unification Field Theory)






ŠTejman Chaim, Henry Dr. 2006






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