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Theory of Everything

United nature theory

By Tejman Chaim Henry


Many people asked if Tejman is a physicist or a Dr. of medicine. Well, Copernicus, Young, Brownian and Galvani were physicists and also deal with physic’s science.

Tejman’s mother wanted her son to be a great scientist. She had always mentioned that a friend of her who was a great scientist from Prague brought money to the Jewish community where she was. She loved him and he even proposed her, but all a sudden he had stopped coming.

Sometimes they didn’t have enough money to buy food but she gave him the last pennies so he can buy scientific journals. Since he was the best student in physics, math and chemistry and also was among the firsts in competitions in his high school in, he requested to sign up for atomistic studies in Moscow, which at that time considered to the top physic studies. Though he did not know it was classified studies and therefore he was sent to one of the greatest professors in order to fail him. After a few hours of tests the professor asked him a question: “what happens when two light streams meet frontal?” he replied instinctively that there are places that the streams get stronger and there are places that they vanish, thought which was acceptable in those days. A minute later he had a different thought, that material can not vanish completely and then to come up again from nothing. When the professor asked him again: “what really happens?” he replied: “I don’t know.” The professor was very happy to hear that answer, and therefore disqualified him. For two years Tejman was angry at the professor, until he understood that the professor did not know the answer either, so he looked for young people’s opinions.

Since Tejman received a recommendation from the university that he was talented and could learn everything he wanted to, he went toward medicine because it is large field of research. Maybe the fate designated him to the field of medicine because if he had applied to atomistic studies he would not have the stimulation that finally was the reason for this theory. Medicines studies deals

closely to a lot disciplines’ of science that was very important for this theory.

During medicine school he was an external student of physics and philosophy and tried to find the one thing that would be able to connect everything in nature.

He continues this matter up to these days in addition to his contemporary professional work.

During the day he works as a physician and at night he works on his idea of the “United Nature Theory”. Through his work in the famous hospital “Hadassah” in Jerusalem, he met the world’s greatest scientists and spent with them a lot of time by discussing on the new researches and their opinion of his ideas.

Dr. Tejman tried to understand how one substance creates everything and than came to conclusion that all formations are composite from two parts (+ and – or male and female). Because one complete formation is Planck’s quantum, it means that this quantum complete formation is composite from two parts that always are in superposition   {Schrödinger’s ingenious idea } and by phase

transition  and evolution  of wave formation –quantum- create everything .     

Nowadays, Dr. Tejman spend his nights in order to find out how everything is composite by those two parts and how they are being created from one matter which is still a mysteries to us, while the slightest clue that we do have is Casimir force (energetic force from nothing). By a lot of evidences from space and laboratory researches, Dr. Tejman was able to build a picture of how everything is created by this one sophisticated substance which form quantum formations from the  beginning (big bang) until the most complicated formations as human being.




   Faradey’s  experiment



   More beautiful explanation that nature alone show can’t bee !



Through inserting two semi-loops, Dr. Tejman explains the behavior of the light, which is composite of two parts.

The existence of those two parts (Semi-loops) can also mean that one form transfer to a second form but it does not vanish (The answer to the professor’s question).






The famous Maxwell equation is showing clearly how energetic matter motion and behaves.



Energetic matter move by her own created path and by revolving and rotation motion create like two semi-loops 7200 unclosed {quantum} gravitational wave .

United Nature Theory explain that gravity is motion of energetic mater in gravitational wave {Einstein’s idea}.






There are pictures from nature that show how two shapes appear in all kinds of formations. Formations with  which we are all familiar with them.

Dr. Tejman is using the works and books of great scientists (some are from Google - “all rights reserved to the great scientists…”). He is trying to unite all these works and pictures into one theory - the united nature theory.  





Condensed energetic space – glitter - again condensed space and again glitter that disperse.

Parasitic mushroom, basic strong force creates space. This space creates strong force again and creates dispersed space again.

Strong force - dispersed force(space).







The creation of universe strong force created a second force (Gravitational Magnetic semi loop) and vice versa. Together, these forces created a stabile formation of unclosed gravitational waves (quantum formation). These two semi loops are in constant equilibrium, and one force contains within it the second force. By different phase transitions their semi-loop (forces) changes, and one force transform to the other.

Tejman introduced a quantum equation that the two semi loops must be in constant equilibrium


Tejman’s equation is compatible to:


Schrodinger’s equation:


Faraday’s equation:


Maxwell equation:

Planck’s equation:         

Einstein’s  equation:


Until today, mainly physics deal with the theory of everything. But this theory interests and also belongs to scientists of different professions.

United nature theory is the theory of everything because it unites all of nature’s formations to only one sophisticated creation - the quantum, a gravitational wave formation which, by phase transitions and evolution, creates everything. To the question of basic substance he answer                         

 “That is ingenious ,sophisticated, creation and that will be a beautiful

                                             gift to young“scientists”.



     © Tejman Chaim, Henry Dr. 2006



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