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The Creation of the Universe

Quantum Evolution



Thoughts on the basis of the last

space and laboratory observations


Grand Unified Theory


Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.

United nature theory-Wave theory



"Logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge of the empirical world;
all knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends in it.”

A. Einstein, 1933

( )


As of recent times we have lots of evidence of the creation of the universe. Yet we are still far from fully understanding this ingenious and super natural creation. Slowly, but surely, we are driving closer to comprehending. It is possible that the United Nature theory may contribute a little, in order to understand the creation of the universe even more .It is true that there are many phenomena’s that contradict each other, but until we don’t understand them fully, we cannot judge them.


The creation of the Universe is such an ingenious, beautiful and sophisticated creation, that it is almost impossible to comprehend. Schrödinger’s idea of a dead and alive cat {exist and not exist} it gives us plenty to think about. Yet the universe is clearly a reality (that exists).The universe created itself and destructed Itself, and continued to do so vice versa by evolution behavior(endless).


The creation of the Universe-if the universe is eternal, then it must not be static (doesn’t exist), but must be constantly active that means that the substance, which creates everything is a living, mercury creation. The universes wildest behavior of energetic matter, must always provide different changes. That means to change from one behavior to another (evolution).That provides us with idea that the universe is a living entity, which by its  continues evolution is eternal.


The creation of the Universe:   Infinity –quantum evolution


The   creation of the Universe cannot appear suddenly out of nowhere and then disappear into a void again and again. A better explanation is that the creation of the universe is probably most similar to the behavior of duality, which means it shifts from one shape to another by transfer from one semi loop to the other, in a way that is known to many as an evolution. That is why it is seen to many as a phenomenon that “appears” and disappears” continuously. But a  more reasonable explanation, is that this can happen in a two semi loop wave formation(quantum) that moves endlessly from one semi loop behavior to another(and vice versa).





Different forms of wave formations from sky observations.

Only the nature itself can truly explain its behavior and more importantly for future research, are the Celestian observations.

These pictures from space, clearly show that every independent formation which appears in the sky, are made up from two semi loop formations, that are one wholeness They  are really independent ? In universe not exist chaos, Only military order rule the Universe. How ?


The creation of stabile universe (the wave particle) is by wave quantum formation  which is created by space substance(strong electric force)that means that hyper space is an high energetic force which is a “fundamental” force ,which by revolving and rotation motion create wave formation and everything.


The creation of universe appears by one force which by its peculiar behavior creates condensed strong force, which disperse and creates space force( the more the force is dispersed it is weaker and weaker). By its peculiar motion, it is condensed ( Similar to Einstein’s idea condensed space time) and again creates a strong force. This shifting behavior of space (substance fabrics-Einstein) strong force is the basic creation for eternal universe(evolution of the basic substance).


Example of lightining(glitter): condensed space of energetic matter creates glitter which by his peculiar motion disperse again too space.



The creation of universe-This one strong force by its wildest peculiar motion and super position (Schrödinger cat) creates formations, that one is not exactly as the matrix of other formation. Every formation has its own character. That is the reason that the hyperspace has many faces.



The  creation of the stabile Universe- can be only by gravitational waves {quantum formation} 

Here I give one of ideas for quantum formation.

Einstein’s prediction that atom is a gravitational wave and is reinforced by nature (see picture of Stephan’s quintet galaxy).Only by nature representations of this formation we can understand the behavior of energetic matter. Small and huge energetic formations are quant formations.


Stephan’s Quintet (NASA)


Explanation of Stephan’s Quintet galaxies

('s_Quintet )




I have created an illustration of atom’s formation based on the photograph of Stephan’s quintet and other galaxies(atom is in the lower phase transition-Tejman).

1. proton behaves like Kerr swirls 00  

2. proton positron paths.

3  positron (cloud, swirl); 450.

4. Neutron ,  900 , like (Schwarzschild swirl)

5. Neutron electron paths. (In galaxies paths of stars , planets atom formation etc.)

6. Electron (clouds). 2700 ,

7. Electron orbits around proton. (Feynman “Sum over histories”).

Proton – Neutron wave formations 900. .                                          

Electron – Positron 90

Description of atom, (gravitational wave formations}


The creation of the Universe- is composed of endless formations but the basic nets structure are galaxies{stabile formation} and dark matter as glue between them.


More pictures from space of quantum “independent” formation



The creation of the Universe is made up from a “virtual” substance force. the force seems too many as both an existing and non an existing creation-but it is a substance that truly does exists. It has an energetic activity of itself. By its swirling condensed motions the substance creates a wave formation (quantum). The wave formation creates energetic and a second gravitational semi loop (mass). From the gravitational semi loop, with time energetic matter also escapes to space(Circulus Viciousus) by an explosion or is incorporated to another strong energetic swirl.





The creation of our quantum Universe happens from hyperspace by energetic activity space substance force (condensed energetic space). By creation of quantum universe appears time (a fourth virtual dimension which Einstein thought about). In order for there to be time there must be energetic activity to create space and time, and every energetic activity creates space (quantum).


The creation of the Universe- the substance (force) appears… and disperse to…. The substance, by its energetic activity, creates wave formation constantly. That indicates that hyperspace substance is between all quantum formations and



between universes and inside quantum universe. It is waived with all quantum formations and keeps them rigid together.


 The creation of the quantum universe formation -By force which is known as Einstein's space time curvature which have revolving and rotating motion space fabrics (substance):


The creation of universe-These virtual energetic spaces time curvatures, by its one directional pushing  swirling motion, increasingly concentrates energetic space fabrics and creates different space condensate formations like nebula, black holes and others. The most discussed formation is the “Black Hole" force, strong force which creates wave formation (quantum) by high photon strong force.

You can see more about this phenomenon in the ''Introduction to Electricity” ( ) article of the United nature theory.


The creation of quantum Universe shows that Newton and Einstein’s interpretation of gravitational force is very important idea in the creation in this  universe and hyper universe, which can appears only by one forward energetic force.

( )

The creation of the Universe appears from “virtual” hyperspace. This virtual space has no beginning and no end and no time, hence has no borders. By everyday life we can see that there is distance between us and the stars- so why is it considered virtual? The virtual formation is actually reality. Hence, the virtual thought has a deeper meaning then we can think of. The explanation maybe from the fact that this hyper space energetic activity, by its rotating and revolving motions, creates wave formations, similar  to Einstein space curvatures which create quantum universes that are formations(virtual?…..). Einstein space time curvatures wave formation, This idea is exactly like the idea of the United nature theory.

6A) The creation of the Universe appears from energetic activity which creates our universe and/or other universes. This force is still a mystery to us; despite the fact Benjamin Franklin researched it ( three hundred years ago) Up in till today we rely on it as a source of investigation.



The creation of universe is made from a substance that is still beyond our understanding. United nature theory tries to explain the behavior of this substance. I try to explain this substance based on different pictures from space and from different experiments and also from ideas from different sciences. I rely on Einstein’s idea that every formation, like small and large quantum (nature behavior), must be similar.


From different observations, I come to conclusion that the behavior of basic substance of universe creation is an energetic force which moves forward in





revolving and rotating motions.


This motion is familiar to us from our planet which also moves in revolving and rotating motions. That means that this is motion which can be observed in all energetic matter formations.












The creation of universe-By these motions,  two different behaviors by this one main force appear. They act in a way that one behavior is perpendicular to the other. That means that they are in super position one to the other. It also means that this one force, by its peculiar motion that is known as Schrödinger superposition(electric strong force and magnetic and magnetic gravitational force), creates two main forces in one formation(quantum).

('s_cat )

The creation of universe energetic force moves by its own energetic paths ( may be similar to Greens string theory idea) but those paths are unclosed formation but only with other energetic oaths create quantum formation which is also has an ability to come in contact with other quantum formation.

Wave quantum formations. The edges of those formations are sources for the sequences\ daughter (evolution) formations. Example:


The edges of those formations are sources

for the sequences\ daughter evolution) formations


The creation of universe-I rely on the beautiful picture of Hubble telescopes and other telescopes.

( )

That is the magnificent idea of nature


It is possible that the United Nature theory may contribute a little,

in order to understand the creation of the universe even more.



© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry.  December 2006

Theory of everything



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