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The creation of the Universe

Part 2

Unclosed quantum formation



Quantum-wave formation

Complete… unclosed energetic matter formation that came in relationship with other formations.

Quantum formation: open→closed…closed→open ect. that allow to come in relationship with other energetic matter  formations.

The most ingenious behavior of energetic matter {nature}.



Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.

United nature theory-Wave theory



“Logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge

of the empirical world;  all knowledge of reality starts

from experience and ends in it.” A. Einstein, 1933 )


The creation of universe-I rely on the beautiful picture of Hubble telescopes and other telescopes.

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Here I bring extraordinary pictures of energetic matter behavior. Only nature can show the energetic matters behavior. Solar prominence shows that solar energetic source expels energetic paths and the paths are proportional to the energetic capacity of source. On the top it bends back by creation (like Schwarzschild swirl to the direction of the source and in his way create dispersed paths that creates space around the energetic path{strong force} But doesn’t close this quantum formation.


Only nature can explain this behavior of wave (quantum) formation!

Energetic Quantum is an unclosed formation!!!


This is one of the ingenious pictures from Hubble telescope of solar prominence. This picture is worth more then a thousand words.


That is a gravitational wave

Only nature can explain that!!!


Illustration of a gravitational wave activity.Red = rigid electric paths Blue = perpendicular              gravitational wave.



The energetic force-strong force{red path}in his path WAY DISPERSE a lot of smallest path which create the gravitational semi loop and the SPACE of gravitational wave and this space by swirling motion {like Einstein’s space time curvatures}

create like Kerr swirl {like black hole} which expel again energetic path.      ENERGETIC CIRCULATION -  GRAVITATIONAL  WAVE -quantum

Two semi loops {behavior}-wave qauntum formation

Energetic circulus viciosus.


The creation of quantum universe is composed by the smallest quantum formation, which disperses endlessly. Its peculiar behavior creates endless space time curvatures (Einstein) and quantum formation. From the picture above we can see the primary basic formation of the energetic matter quantum,which appears by (energetic source) which creates wave formation. It is also known as Max Planck’s “quantum” formation. From that we can see that this ingenious formation is not a hermetic closed formation after all. it is an ingenious creation of nature, and that this “quantum” wave formation has the ability to come in contact with other energetic formations. In turn, Independent wave formations also have an opportunity to join with all other wave formations.


This primary Wave (quantum) formation

can be closed or unclosed creation!!!

And can come into contact with other waves, to create wave stabile quantum formations



The basic creation of universe is Wave quantum formation. Here I bring other ingenious pictures from Hubble telescopes that show the solar prominence and explain how the behavior of gravitational wave.


See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download
 the highest resolution version prominences

[Corona image]

sun at maximum cycle




Primary galaxies (big bang prominences)




This wave shows us precisely the behavior of energetic matter, and also shows that it is not a closed formation.

6)6)a)The creation of universe is characteristic by phase transitions behavior different in young and  old wave formation.





The creation of quantum universe (quantum universe is a part  of the hyper universe- a theme  that I shall discuss in later paragraphs) –For explanation gravitational waves, I choose Stephan’s quieted galaxies. These galaxies were the basis for my idea of Atom structure





From my idea of atom structure I show that electron, which is perpendicular to energetic paths, is not connected to proton. Rather it circulates/revolves to proton and depends on his geometric space position, he merges to proton or is pushed away.





When it merges with proton the energetic matter, it flows in a circulate atom formation. When it is pushed away it can come into contact with other atoms position to contact.

Here is the ingenious behavior of energetic matter creations!!!!

That is the reason that quantum is closed and open formation

All this appears on the basis of Einstein’s idea of space geometry behavior of this basic substance.

6)9)The creation of universe -other explanations of this ingenious behavior of energetic matter, I show from energetic flow onto parallel energetic wires. I once again emphasize that all energetic matter behave in the same behavior.


Opposite the direction of the current, Mutual repellent is active and when the currents are in the same direction the wires attract each other.This phenomenon is explained by the magnetic semi loop.

The best example of gravitational wave behavior is {planet}earth


The creation of universe- the hyper universe is formed by the smallest energetic matter formations, which disperses and coalesced to endless formations which are still far beyond our understandment.


Here I bring a classical picture of lightening



This is the most beautiful example of this dispersed energetic matter which coalesced and create energetic strong force. This strong force glitter, which creates wave (quantum) formation but this force by {space creation} its own way disperses this energetic matter again to space.


There can’t be a more beautiful picture this phenomenon- of coalesced and dispersed energetic matter.

Circulation of Energetic Matter

More ingenious than that-it cannot be!


But those behaviors that seem to be simple creations of energetic matter ,are actually the most sophisticated and complicated creations which are still beyond our comprehension.




6)11) The creation of universe is created by this energetic semi-closed formation. This semi closed formation, by its energetic ability, creates different formations, and by the evolution of her different formation is eternal.


I return again to basic pictures of wave formation. And I bring different pictures from space which show different wave formation.






6)12) The creation of the universe is created by a substance which is still mysterious for us. According to Einstein’s idea, this substance is dispersed






Equally in the entire hyper universe. It is possible that this is the reason that a lot of different formations don’t collide. Because everyone of them has its space.

6)13) The creation of universe –The substance, using her condensation, creates different formations. And the  known  to us are one our the different nebulas  source to energetic matter creation




Maybe this Discarded Ribbon planetary nebula help to understand the semi loop behavior paths (string} behavior








Please ! look carefully of those open semi loop creations



See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download
 the highest resolution version available.





See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download
 the highest resolution version available.



In the Center of the Trapezium
Credit: J. Bally, D. Devine, & R. Sutherland, D. Johnson (CITA), HST, NASA





Eye of the Beholder egg nebula          Helium atom quantum formation{Tejman}


The creation of the Universe and different stabile quantum formation must behave like quantum formation open-closed…


The creation of the Universe appears by different ways and one of them are quantum formations by black hole



The pushing hyper space force by Einstein space time curvature creates condensed creations that in singularity they expel energetic paths which by its rotating and revolving motion creates galaxies(wave formation)

The creation of the quantum Universe is by wave galaxies formations. Wave formation is considered a virtual creation from hyperspace force, but wave formation actually exists and can be seen using a telescope. This means that our universe is already a creation made up from hyperspace substance. Yet these space virtual formations still appear as a mystery. The mystery is a working subject by many as, appears from.…disperse to…?




The picture above shows a very young formation, a transparent wave galaxy (quantum formation) with a large energetic space which by loosing energetic matter from energetic semi-loop became more gravitational properties{more condensed space formation} Tejmans equation of gravity




energetic matter







The picture above shows that older wave formations (quantum) are more organized then the younger ones and are also classical quantum formation.


The creation of the Universe arouses thoughts that there is virtual substance, that creates virtual wave formations and that is responsible for our universe creation and us as virtual creations (created from space).Then What kind of space is it? This kind of space is around us and we touch it.



The creation of the Universe by this substance (virtual force) appears all around us. This force exists everywhere. Energetic matter appears even as the smallest forces or large wave formation. That small formation coalesced to a large force and vice versa this those small wave force is dispersed back to space creation (second law of thermodynamics- Tejman).


© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry  December 2006


Theory of everything.




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