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The creation of the Universe

Part 4



It is a fantastic creation and there is nothing

 More ingenious and beautiful then it.


United Nature theory is only “food for thought”

On the basis of recent researches.



Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.

United nature theory-Wave theory


  The creation of the Universe -It is possible that hyper universe behavior has high phase transitions that are dispersed in all places, and it still can’t be defined were the energetic matter formation begins and ends. Like Casimir ( ) force from nothing. Researches show that energetic (matter) formation must be a quantum creation. This means that if hyperspace is not quantum formation it must be in other sorts of formations behavior or different dispersed formation create hyper universe and hyper universe substance is as glue between quantum formations (maybe Einstein’s idea of galaxies- ).


  The creation of the universe might be formed by large galaxies\universes, that are “nets” for hyper universe creation.


  The creation of the Universe- This means that even inside the different quantum universes, there must be an energetic center. This energetic center controls every individual universe then logical though must exist a common energetic formation for all universes that unites them. No place in the universe has chaos. Yet we still don’t understand hyper universes, but all researches that have been conducted show, that we have a lot of evidence of how the universe exists and other universes, might be similar to molecules, but maybe phase transition is by known for us hay energetic radiation? Very energetic semi loop formations, energetic hyperspace.


   The creation of universe then might be photon in high phase transition. What phase transition might this be? From observations we see that super nova explosion expels neutrons, Ỵ radiation or X radiation. It is possible that “gama” and X radiation, is the substance that is the closest to the origin substance of hyper universe which behave like space time curvature or like dark matter between galaxies?. Maybe the primary substance is like X and Y radiation which creates primary galaxies formation.








It’s known that primary galaxies radiate x and Y rays.






                 The creation of the Universe appears like galaxies from “nothing” and in couples. That fact alone indicates that maybe our universe is like a sea with primary substance and …also has a “sister” universe. Yet a careful look at every wave formations shows that celestial formations are “leaving” energetic formations that appear in couples but they are not identical formations as in mirrors. This indicates that energetic have relationship one to other like “+” to “ and are not identical like matrix.


    The creation of the Universe appears by a Celestian force like Casimir force from nothing, and can have only one behavior. This known behavior must be like Einstein’s energetic space time curvatures. Yet it is still obvious that they behave like high energetic photon. Wave theory explains that high energetic photon is only an electric semi loop formation. That means that it rotates and revolves only in one direction, in an uni-directional motion (pushing behavior). This energetic semi loop has a peculiar behavior that can coalescence or divide like lightening .This in comparison to a gravitational semi loop that has only one condensed behavior  that means a pushing only to inside 

Force (gravitational force).








The creation of the Universe-up in till today it is has been accepted, that the electric semi loop comes with a plus sign, and the magnetic semi loop comes with a minus (0). But if this everything is made up from one directional motion (space time curvatures) that means that the plus and minus are created from one celestial substance force, which only changes its space geometry that create perpendicular forces which act in different spaces directions but complement one the other and we sign they as + or – {0} but energetic matter flow only unidirectional from electric semi-loop to magnetic semi-loop from plus too minus (0). That means that electricity is only one pushing force. That has different behavior by changing space time geometry (Einstein). That means that plus and minus cannot annihilate their common matter substance. Radio waves show us that only the same wave frequencies respond to one another and disturb them. In the universe the collisions of galaxies (very rare), and are not tied to plus or minus. What we see that depends on space geometry.








   The creation of universe must be from one same substance and that is the reason that this energetic dark matter, which is “familiar” to us from intergalactic spaces, is like a main universe substance. It is possible that in high universe phase transitions between universes, the same substance rules but has more energetic properties (other phase transitions).That means that this high energetic substance is dispersed matter from old universes and galaxies etc. and again create condensed spaces {circulus viciosus}. That can happen only by Schrödinger cat('s_cat ) super position only nature can create so wonderful behavior. That means this shifting force from strong force to weak force exist together the same space substance in super positions. It is very hard to imagination how they exist together, but hyper space is full with this substance (it is problematic to comprehending this matter). Every dint of substance is in a super position, but in large formation we can see tem separated.


    The creation of universe must accept that everything is created by this one celestian substance force. All the wonders we know are created by this sophisticated ingenious creation a force that is the most mysterious and interesting.  This Force, condensed space, shifts to space and vice versa to force(condensed energetic space).







The creation of the Universe by this peculiar force which by his superposition motion “Schrödinger cat” creates everything. It is hard to believe that a “simple” formation can create everything.










The creation of the Universe must have been created from this one peculiar pushing substance which creates nebula the black hole and other formations. Hence, the Main force-pushing force, is the basic force that rules over all creations. It’s hard to understand force-space, however nature clearly explains that.

                              Equation of everything

Energetic Loop


Magnetic Loop


1 = 1

Magnetic Loop

Energetic Loop




The creation of our quantum Universe and his formations are held together by dispersed space →condensed space→ strong force→space a force which creates gravitum force. This creates a lot of different formations and galaxies. From united nature theory , This strong force(which is from the energetic source) creates an ejecting path (package) of energetic matter. By Its peculiar rotating and revolving motions, it creates a Schwarzschild swirl, and the force comes back to his energetic basic source.  Create second gravitational semi loop that pushes {pulls} everything that is in his vicinity to the basic source as accepted that gravitation is pulling force but logically –can exist only one force-pushing .




1-energetic swirl

2-electic path,strong forcce

3 Schwarzschild swirl

4-dispersed gravity descending path


Quantum (photon)

Gravitational wave

Wave formation

Max Planck

Albert Einstein

Chaim, Henry Tejman





 The creation of universe by big bang began with pushing strong force (half wave) has a negative mass (pushing gravity,). After Schwarzschild swirl, this strong force pushes and pulls everything “back” to its basic formation, become positive gravity

(This pushing strong {electric} force  by changing space time geometry in the second semi loop, is called “gravitational force” but that is the only one basic pushing force) I know that many disagree with me, but please look carefully at the pictures-I did not create them they are reality- picture from nature “hubble” original pictures!


The creation of universe- The earliest evidence after the big bang found only gravitational force. My wave theory explain that gravitational force appears only in the second semi loop wave formation. That means that the earliest formation is a wave formation, gravitational wave (quantum formation) gravitational force from energetic source.







The creation of universe appears from… an explosion of….. and creates a strong force which in turn creates a second semi loop. Wave quantum formation If its only one force that means that this force is pushing. Nature can’t create absurd formation by two opposite forces that to annihilate one other. This one force is only pushing which by his peculiar motion revolving and rotating motion creates another swirl formation (Schwarzfield) which forms a force which acts perpendicular to the main pushing force and then moves by dispersing this force {create space} back to this main gravitational source (swirl).This ingenious sophisticated formation can create only nature which act perpendicular as opposite nature one to the other but in reality they complete one of the other (that is astonishing). That creates wave quantum unclosed formation. That is a super ingenious sophisticated creation of this space force.







    The creation of the earliest quantum universe is saturated by a cloud of large energetic hydrogen atoms, maybe the first high hydrogen’s atoms appear from the first wave energetic  formation. That is the reason that the first waves were hyper energetic.






Solar prominense gravitational waves {open quantum formations} from energetic source known as cold dots in sun.


    The creation of the Universe is created by this virtual celestian force, similar to lightening    or electricity, sparks, static electricity, ect. It is still mysterious to us that it creates quantum formations (mass formations) that disintegrate back to universe by changing space geometry (Einstein) of this one strong force by continues energetic peculiar motion, it shifts the strong force to weak force (space) etc.– and vice versa eternal.







 The creation of the Universe rises scientific discussions whether the universe comes… from nothing. It is known that if something is created- it also must disappear (creation that appears means that it also disappears) that  means that a beginning also must have an end, and that means the future of the universe is to disappear? All the evidence shows that our universe is falling apart. Then a void will appear?. Is this a possible phenomenon in the nature?  That there is no space or anything else? void? That means nothing exsits . Space where nothing exsists- doesn’t exist. Can this even be imagined? Here comes the ingenious idea of Schrödinger cat – even though it disappears- it exists!!!

People who hear this, tend to mock this idea. However this is one of the more important ideas in modern physics, peculiar as it may be.



    The creation of the Universe -Not science and not religion claim that universe is not eternal, but both raise a lot of different thoughts about universe. But a logical thought indicates that this primary force and space  are eternal and pass (shifting) by evolutional behavior.


     The creation of the Universe - Even in the Kabala it is believed that the Divined force disappears and then appears again.


That means that one formation passes to next by different ways (evolution)

That is the only logical idea.

     The creation of the quantum Universe brings upon associations that this virtual force space substance, always exists and it is still not clear in what shape and we still cannot see the substance. But it is clear that it is all around us, like Casimir forces( from nothing).




The creation of universe by substance (force) behavior by living constant motion, creates and dissolves her formation that appears in energetic wildest behavior which creates energetic paths, bubbles, also like string(Green)This one force can create different formations and different formations can create this force. This virtual substance force behaves like Schrödinger cat, exists and not exists, but it is clear to us that it exists (how does he exist?). And this dark matter is not an empty space but filled with this special substance in different phases of energetic behavior. It must be emphasized that this itself turns the universe research to a facisinating thing


  The creation of the Universe as believed an accepted by many, appears by a strong explosion. All celestian observations we see that black holes don’t explode but rather expel this energetic matter by energetic streams or by energetic paths expelled by singularity, that create quantum formations (galaxies etc. unclosed wave formation).


On the other hand strong explosions can be seen only from supernova explosions. That indicates that big bang explosion was created like the supernova explosion, from some formation and fitting circumstances that create new universe on the oldest universe or in fitting new space or create new independent universes. That means our universe is

created by evolution of this force(space) which appears and disappears again and again, which is evolution behavior.







    The creation of our universe is seen to be created (born) on an old universe based on evidence white dwarfs which gyears of them is greater then gyears of our universe. Our universe as well will also return to (inter universes) hyperspace. That means that this sophisticated virtual creation of hyperspace virtual force substance, has no beginning and no end, and logically has no borders.  Does It create new quantum formations by substance from old formations? Or is it like Casimir force (force from nothing) which means if nothing creates? it means that creation can go back to nothing and vice versa. This means that this nothing is something and actually exist. But void does not exist. That mean that hyperspace is a virtual creation hat always exits

That means hyper-universe have not borders and time – virtual formation.

{then…what is that virtual ? Schrödinger's cat



It is hard to comprehend that nothing passes to creation and creation passes to nothing. This means that this nothing is something that creates. This means that absolute void does not exist.

There is no such thing that there can be something which has no space, borders, and no energetic activity (absolute void) ?.


    The creation of quantum universe- Is based on stabile unclosed quantum formation that are at all times, have a shifting behavior with hyper space and

Is created by hyper-space.


     The creation of the Universe research show that the mass of our planet is increasing. That raises many thoughts that maybe this celestian matter that is around us increases the mass of our planet, that means that mass is created by

Hyper-space virtual substance and  dispersed energy by electric semi loop  increases the gravitational properties of the gravitational semi loop of our planet, that increases the gravity of planet.





   The creation of universe shows galaxies that have one path and that lead to a swirl, much like a disk- bubble, and the second path exits from this swirl and (prediction)change her energetic behavior. Only the united nature theory can explain that these paths don’t just come and go to nothing, but rather are paths that come form the energetic source and by changing space time geometry return to main source. It is possible that the big bang is an energetic source, or is connected to sequences to previous wave formations. That means that big bang explosion reminds us of a supernova explosion or like quasars explosion. Or it is possible that it belongs to previous galaxies wave formation which collapse or old universe remains which collapse and explode.


    The creation of universe can appear like quasar explosion, which resembels explosion from super nova. Quasars too explode from gravitational star. This dispersed energy expands and disperses strong force like lightening by creation gravitational waves- galaxies.and enlarge by energetic hyperspace substance that is in every “place” glue ? It is possible that those creations are like small universes in our big universe.




A quasar

Explosion       of          

energetic        source

           Quasar -NASA       




                  The creation of universe may have more then a sister formation but also small universes in the bigger universes. It is possible that our universe already started to create sequence universe, because the space has no borders and universes can expand and create new universes like a bunch of grapes? We see groups of bubbles quantum concentration in the universe. But according to United Nature theory ( ) there must be and Einstein’s idea equilibrium of energetic formation and energetic space in universe and hyper universe.


    The creation of universe appears by different opportunities. The basic substance can create everything by different ways and it must be simple, but is so ingenious and still hard to understand..

     United nature theory tries to come close to the natures behavior. Like Darwin and Mendel ( ), it describes this ingenious creation. This will probably require work of many generations as the United Nature theory rises many different ideas and open many holes in the puzzle. 

    The creation of the Universe seems too many to be from “empty space” (force) that is self composed. It might be explained by this virtual matter, which too is like nothing. This is because of its virtual formation which is a very sophisticated creation that is still beyond our understanding. Again the Schrodinger cat rises a lot of questions exist ≈≈ not exist..???.

     The creation of the Universe brings upon questions like were the does the universe expands into?... This sophisticated hyper universal substance force has no borders, and his space anywhere. But always there are connected because emptiness doesn’t exist. Then again questions arise. If hyper space exist… and doesn’t exist… and he confluent with….???

    The creation of the Universe appears by one energetic substance force that by his rotating and revolving motions condenses this virtual substance in order to create quantum universes (formations). Those quantum formations hold this hyper-universe.

    The creation of some quantum formation universes may be by like Einstein’s condensed energetic space time curvatures that are sources of nebula creations, black hole creations etc.

The creation of universe is characteristic by creation and disintegration from high energetic to low energetic gravitational wave formation. By this way appears galaxies, stars, planets, atoms…etc

United nature theory opens the door to quantum mechanic to new steps of investigation. United nature theory show how those smallest creation behave like hyper giant formations(Einstein’s idea)

The creation of the universe is such a sophisticated creation because of living

sequence of living behavior of this primary force.

Living formations appears only from living substance!!!











Blue: magnetic flow. Red Electric flow. Electricity current in a wire.






The creation of the universe appears by living substance--that create quantum formation {Plank} two semi-loops wave formation {Tejman}-that create everything


Those two semi loops allow energetic matter circulation in  unclosed quantum formation and create endless different quantum formations. This is beyond our imagination that the two semi loops can create.


Gravitational wave (Quantum) is the basic creation for everything and include our and even thought.


Summary:  by observation, learning and understanding the universe behavior we can understand this ingenious creation.


© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry. December  2006

The theory of everything

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