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Einstein's general relativity

Einstein’s general relativity - United nature theory


Riemannian geometry, gravitational trajectory fields,

parallel points  and electro-magnetic fields



Chaim, Henry Tejman Dr.

United nature theory – wave theory



         Space time curvature creates condensed space formation, an energetic condensed formation (source) black hole which generates energetic matter (condensed space time energy). The black hole in its singularity propels the energetic pathway (trajectory) that by its peculiar movement of revolving and rotation creates a gravitational wave - a closed formation of two semi loops.

The first semi loop is electric like Kerr swirl while the second semi loop is magnetic-gravitational like Schwarzschild swirl connected by energetic paths.


As a result of its peculiar movement, this one energetic pathway creates four formations known as atomic particles. These formations appear in specific parts of the rotation path and different gravitational trajectory fields result from the Riemannian geometrical position of atomic particles in particular parts of the path.


Theoretical structure

of Hydrogen atom

Trajectories energetic matter flow

(electric fields)

Two semi-loops that

 creates everything

Electric and magnetic trajectories around our planet


Gravity forces like electric forces act in the same way, i.e. pulling and pushing. We have only one force, the energetic matter (condensed space, time, energy) which, by its geometric paths way, creates electric and magnetic forces that are the same as the electric fields (see also the atom structure article).




Opposite the direction of the current, mutual repellent is active and when the currents are in the same direction the wires attract each other. This phenomenon is explained mainly by the magnetic geometric semi loop position.


Quantum closed gravitational wave formation is created by two semi loops. The same energetic paths carry different electric charges (space trajectories geometry) so the flow of electric force alone creates energetic parts by changing its geometrical space formation that then creates energetic and magnetic formation (electric and magnetic force). The energetic matter which flow in electric semi-loop (high energetic photon) is marked as ‘+’ and the second part of this same gravitational wave of those energetic-magnetic paths is marked as “–“ or ”‘0”.

The wave theory explains by pictures from space telescope, in essence, how nature is developing exactly as Einstein’s gravitational waves (field trajectories) ideas.


It is hard to believe that Einstein thought about this idea (general relativity theory) before 100 years, this idea is so sophisticated that only nature can create or explain it


Wave theory demonstrates that gravitational field trajectories (electric fields) are created by the same energetic matter (forces), that is to say, by changing space time trajectories, by Riemannian geometry, Richie curvatures and Gauss curvatures that creates everything.


According to Einstein - Friedman cosmology,

there are no antiparticles in the universe.


Wave theory shows that every quantum (wave formation) composed from one matter (condensed energetic space, time) including the universe, has only two behaviors (forces) controlled by two perpendicular semi loops: the first is electric (positive charge) while the other is negative (magnetic) - as humanity has signed it.

Energetic matter only by changing its geometrical space creates two semi loops that have different behaviors and we called it electric forces or electric charges.


Wave formation quantum, gravitational wave composed by space fabric (Einstein) is the most ingenious, virtual, sophisticated creation. Two behaviors of the same energetic matter can’t create additional formation which is not connected together to its basic wave formation (creation). All trajectories act simultaneously in the same quantum wave formation operating without interference and acts simultaneously in the same wave formation, which is ingenious behavior, which only energetic matter can create in the same quantum formation - like Schrödinger’s cat. It doesn’t need additional matter to reinforce of the magnetic semi loop which acts opposite and simultaneously to the electric semi loop. There are no antiparticles or antimatter because both of these traits are shared in the same energetic matter. Both of the semi loops are in constant competition but one is complementary to the second; that is the sophisticated ingenious creation of our universe which is hard to imagine but it is the reality.


By living cycles the universe passes from one semi loop to the second, from “+” to “-“ and vice versa. Since the semi loops are intertwined, new universes will always contain fragments of previous universes. In every part of one semi loop there has to be a part of the second semi loop, exactly like Schrödinger’s cat (alive and doesn’t alive).



Einstein - Friedman cosmology accepts that

there must be a small amounts of gas in intergalactic spaces.


Wave theory states that energetic matter is condensed energetic space time, that is vowed together and one can’t exist without the other. Space keeps all its energetic formation rigid together as one stabile formation. Wave theory explains that these spaces of universe are not empty but rather are rigid formations that exert retention on the location of all formations. These Van Der Waals invisible forces act equally in small and large formations, explaining why billions of energetic formation of the universe will result in rare energetic matter collisions. Every virtual space time has its own virtual vicinity which has the ability to shrink and to dilate, but the virtual formation can not dilate on other virtual formations. On the other hand, gravitational wave formation obeys to rules that we are familiar with - strong wave formation can “swallow” small quantum formation and utilize it for its own energetic formation exactly like the big bang that has created new strong quantum (gravitational wave formation) by dispersing over other quantum formations and build (with energetic matter from old universe’s formation) his new formations and this is the exact reason for finding old universes formations in our own universe.


Every energetic formation begins from space time curvature.

Wave theory reinforces Einstein’s ingenious logical ideas as do the beautiful telescopic pictures, and especially those of the Hubble telescope.


I still can not understand how, before 100 years, Einstein has came to those ideas that space is reality formation, exactly like Newton who had claimed, 300 years ago, that ether – something that links between everything, must be existed. All of the energetic, virtual substance (matter) has their space vicinity.


The wave theory claims that the virtual ingenious space is the basic and the prime media that creates everything.



Only nature by space laboratory and united nature theory approves the ingenuity of the idea of Einstein’s “General Relativity” and Newton’s work: “Principia Mathematica”.


ŠTejman Chaim, Henry Dr. July 2006 (book 4)




1) Chui H., The evolution of the universe; Science, August 1968




In this work, only united nature theory can approve, by space pictures, Einstein’s ingenious ideas.




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