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Theory of everything - Red blood cells

Half quantum (high energetic semi-loop)

"Strong Force"

That simple formation is the most ingenious,

Sophisticated, unbelievable creation of the Masterpiece

At the recent time, our universe is in expansion state like the beautiful bloom of the rose flower.

Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.


United nature theory-Wave theory


Trying to connect between the smallest organic formation to the huge sophisticated ingenious masterpiece formation - our universe, is looking very funny, but both of them were created from the very same virtual substance and both of them have the same formation and the same behavior. It's like the fascinating story "Little red riding hood " that we used to read when we were kids and exactly like how beautiful the universe is and how it fascinates us at an older age.


The Wave theory is the first to clearly unite all the information summed up until now into one theory. It connects natural behavior of physics, biology, chemistry and medicine, because all of this is part of one material called the energetic matter as Casimir Force (Force from nothing) or space fabrics (Einstein). This material seems very simple, but it is the most ingenious sophisticated creation which we are at the verge of acknowledging. We may be studying this formation until the end of time. 

This simple material, which creates the quantum formation, is all around us. Since this masterpiece creation is fundamental for all the other creations which are built on the most basic creation (quantum formation) or two semi-loops wave formation. In my article “origin of life” I have claimed that the first organized life formation was a colony that was a bisexual life formation that sends pseudopodia in order to get more energy from its vicinity.

These pseudopodia separate from the mother formation but it lacks the skills to divide. Since it is made of the same basic formation it will bring its energy to the mother formation, and it causes the mother formation to divide. This is also connected to red blood cells carrying energy in the form of oxygen to the tissue cells.

It takes a lot of imagination to connect the organs to the primitive colony, but I claim that it takes only common sense to realize that it is the same phenomenon, and not only it is based on the same matter but that all life processes behave according to the same principle.



The DNA is composed of two semi-loops, or to be exact, by two paths of energetic flow that the one of them is the energetic matter while the other is the magnetic matter, exactly like the basic wave formation’s (quantum) behavior.

Another fascinating example is the snail where the shell is like the magnetic stabile formation semi-loop and the inner active part is like the energetic semi-loop.


From the above figures - galaxy M-51 and Stephan quintet’s galaxy, we can learn that a stable formation is made up of two parts which is called quantum formation (Planck), two quarks (Gell Mann), gravitational wave (Albert Einstein) or two semi-loops wave formation (Chaim Tejman). All these show how difficult it has been to acknowledge a simple form – quantum formation- just by observing and following nature, how difficult it has been to understand this ingenious and unbelievable masterpiece formation.


The wave theory unites the endless discussion between Einstein and Planck. Einstein claimed that everything in nature must be made according to the same principle, while in the same time quantum physicists related quantum formation to atomic creation. The wave theory shows that they were both right in their own way, thus nature shows that it is all one creation. On the basis of this basic formation it is possible to explain the sciences of biology, physics and chemistry, which until now were separate, each in its enclosed circle without trying to exchange knowledge between disciplines.


Red blood cells male formation are not able to divide, despite the fact that they are originally created with a nucleus in the bone marrow, and so from starting as bisexual formations they lose its nucleus and DNA, and then become high energetic male formations because they lose nucleus and the DNA, red blood cells is almost can’t develop tumors diseases like other cells. I would please direct you to the following figures which show how two semi-loops wave formation (quantum) is made up of one very energetic matter male semi-loop and another gravitational female semi-loop.

The energetic male semi-loop spreads energy easily, has a short life span and easily bonds with other energetic formations. This energetic semi-loop, with a very short life time, immediately creates gravitational semi-loop, which together form a stabile wave formation – quantum (Planck). This semi-loop can also attach to a male energetic matter and coalescence with other energetic matter, which is the reason that thrombosis formation appears. On the contrary, the female gravitational semi-loop is a condensed energetic matter which stands on its own and does not connect to other females, but only absorb energetic matter to its gravitational semi-loop and that is the reason that in opposite to energetic red blood cells, they have the property to suck the energetic matter of themselves and dissolve the thrombosis. At a certain point in time, the gravitational semi-loop is able to explode, which in nature is acknowledged as division or birth of this semi-loop. In the creation of nature the female semi-loop is able to exist by itself for a long time but in order to divide it must receive the extra energy from an outer source or “an energetic imbalance” in its formation. From the above we learn that all the living formations behave as this basic energetic formation quantum, all we have to do is to understand how this occurs in nature.


From the research there is a theory developing which claims the world is built is a spiral doughnut with a strong energetic center and all the creations are around this core. There can not be existed a more ingenious creation of nature in order to prove that this is maybe the right theory than the red blood cells. Red blood cells are the maximum energetic supplying formation (by oxygen atom) that exists, energetic semi-loop, male pseudopodia, which transform the energetic matter but cannot duplicate. One more interesting fact from nature is that high energetic formation passes its energy to low energetic formation (the second law of thermodynamics by Tejman Chaim). Red blood cells is the classical example to the second law of thermodynamics when high energetic space transfer its energy to the red blood cells when the red blood cells in the lung is in lower state of energy and then it reaches the same energetic level as the space around them and transfer this energy by high energetic atom of iron (Ferrum atom) and oxygen atom to tissues with lower state of energy. By the nature’s laws, it looks very simple, but in order to do so, energetic living formations create very sophisticated ingenious formation like composed organic formations (see the picture).  

Red blood cells are flexible and able to bend and squeeze in order to reach even the narrowest blood vessels.

The largest energy consumer is the brain, which consumes 30% of the energetic matter. The brain is like a jelly - it contains a lot of water with a lot of oxygen and also hydrogen with large electron energetic space, which can easily receive and pass through energy. We can also see the connection to physics (de Broglie), wave particle theory, in which our brain thought processes is in the level of wave semi-loop, this virtual formation which can connect all the types of waves which the brain produces. Here we see again a tight relation with this basic virtual matter formation.

A red blood cell in itself, like the whole body, breathes. The process of passing energetic oxygen is in a way of molecular (heme group) chains opening and closing, and also in the places where it has given the energy it can take out waste substances.

From different thesis arise idea that universe look like doughnut .central energetic part (semi-loop) and around stabile formations (magnetic –semi-loop) like red blood cells shape.

That suggests that everything behave as the main Masterpiece formation and the living formations are a sequence of this ingenious quantum creation and by evolution creates endless living formations.

In my article “Introduction to cancer”, I explain that some cancer formations appear by damage of some parts of cells formation and doesn’t allow to incoming energetic matter keep floating in its energetic paths (like DNA), I will show here how brain tumors that appear from the most energetic matter behave as an energetic semi-loop, a very strong formation.



As we can see, those tumors are very alike to the red blood cells doughnut high energetic formation (central picture) or like an atomic bomb explosion (right picture), and only by understanding the natural behavior of cancer from nature we can start to treat better the disease.

This simple red blood cells living formation explains that everything is created by one ‘’simple’’ sophisticated matter that it is still beyond our perception and its creations does not have any limits and one verified the other.


The best example is a black hole which, by investigation, shows that it swallows a specific amount of energy, then expels this energy in quantum formation, and then returns on the very same procedure endless number of times.


My unconventional thoughts returns to me once again, and it seems that humans are not the only living formation that breathes, but red blood cells breathes as well, as any inorganic creation (quantum formation) including our universe and even the simple atom breathes (proton like black hole behavior) for the circulation of the energetic matter.

The universe, from all investigations, resembles to a doughnut formation. The red blood cells and energetic cancer formation has the same shape. It shows that everything behaves as the same basic formation. All living formations are a sequence of evolution (Lamarck, Darwin) of this basic, sophisticated, quantum Masterpiece creation.



The theory of everything explains that every formation – organic or inorganic, behaves exactly as the main universe Masterpiece formation (Einstein’s idea).


Copyright Dr. Tejman Chaim Henry October 2006



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