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W and Z bosons

Unified field theory


Small or large quantum must be similar (A. Einstein)


Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.

United nature theory-Wave theory




Only nature can explain the bosons behavior


One of the ingenious ideas of the 21st century was the unified theory of electro magnetic and weak interactions by Steven Weinberg, Sheldon Glashow and Abdus Salam. They postulated that not only W bosons are necessary to explain beta decay but also some Z bosons that have not been known. Their discovery at CERN in 1983 has been a great success for human thought and approved the ingenious idea of those three great physicians.


Their genius work claimed that atomic particles were mathematically impractically approved. Laboratory researches proved that it is a masterpiece formation. Only united nature theory can explain this ingenious work and again, approve the ingenious Einstein’s postulate that small and large quantum must have the same behavior.


We see a lot of different formations in the sky, laboratory researches and in every day’s life. But without understanding their behavior, we are passing through without noticing them. Sometimes, accidentally, we find an explanation. But without astronomical and sky laboratory observations it is impossible to comprehend the nature’s ingenious sophisticated behavior.


The united nature theory includes the behavior of the universe and is trying to give us a basic knowledge on how to understand nature’s behavior. In this work I will try to put all the puzzle pieces together and to build the nature’s behavior puzzle. I will try to explain in a way that reminds us of Darwin, Lamarck and Mendeleev’s works.


The nature behavior is so ingenious and sophisticated that it is still hard for us to percept it. The blue print for everything is quantum (Max Planck), Also known as Gravitational wave (A. Einstein) and wave formation (C. Tejman’s). Up until know it was extremely hard to explain the quantum formation and only the wave theory, by observation of natural object’s behavior, came to conclusion that it composed of one energetic matter  (condensed energetic space time which created everything).


The revolving rotation energetic matter creates a closed formation. The motion of energetic matter clearly shows of Schrödinger’s super position by electric matter motion in electric wire.                                                                                                                               

In 1808, a French army engineer, Étienne Louis Malus (1775 -1812), discovered polarized light.


It was seen that some plastic devices polarize light waves in a transverse position, while others polarize light waves perpendicular to one to other.  In whole light, those two forms always appear together and it is easy to split them into two rays (polarized).

In my explanation I try to show that this motion appears in two perpendicular plans like electricity motion and energetic matter motion (see my work photo motion).





Energetic matter motion from different observations and researches.




We see that small and large formations (Einstein postulate) behave in the same mode, although it has different shapes.








By splitting energetic formation, we always get two behaviours of energetic matter.




Nature creates only one energetic substance (force) that creates everything else. This substance, as we see and know from natures behaviour, appears in every place around us .One of the most prominent pictures, is an energetic matter concentration which expels energetic paths that resembles lighting (as seen below).


These beautiful pictures show this energetic matter behaviour. The pictures below explain how this one energetic matter creates energetic paths.

(Condensed energetic space time - Tejman's United nature theory) by creation of energetic paths like these lightings, create quantum formations that form all other known formations.



The one energetic matter, like lightning, known as the “strong force” revolves and rotates in energetic swirling paths that create two behaviour motions, which together create a closed wave formation (quantum).


The picture below is an attempt to explain the formation of energetic wave (quantum) from this one strong force.


Wave formation (quantum), according to the united nature theory.


In photon formation (quantum – Planck), this one energetic matter is in equal proportions. That means:


The beautiful picture of solar prominent from the Hubble space telescope which explains wave (quantum formation).

One picture is worth more than thousand words.


Illustration of a gravitational wave activity.

Red = rigid electric paths.

Blue = perpendicular gravitational wave.

Solar prominence- gravitational wave (NASA)







We need a lot of imagination in order to understand this wild behavior of energetic matter which is a gravitational wave (quantum formation – Planck). This behavior always obeys natural laws and that is its sophisticated ingenious behavior that creates formation that is beyond our wildest imaginations.

Most of the ingenious creations that are energetic matter (quantum formation) are even can not be imagined.



When we split atoms we get two semi-loops. The extraordinary explanation for the two semi-loops lies in sky observations. We see that every semi-loop has paths which connect between them. From atom structure (see my atomic structure paper), we can see that it is one energetic path, by swirling and rotating, creates all atomic formations also known as particles (maybe a resembling idea to the String theory of Brian Greene). It is not surprising that when we split atoms this one energetic path can generate a lot of different formations, depending on what energetic part of the path is affected. Every splitting wave formation part of energetic paths revolves and rotates (Schrödinger’s cat - superposition).





Geometrical space of energetic matter’s motion.


Every piece of splitting energetic matter (atomic particles) immediately creates closed wave formation. Because energetic matter can circulate only in closed formations, it is very hard to investigate those subatomic particles because they immediately disappear from electric fields. This occurs because energetic wave formation is a closed formation without any signs of charge (charges means space geometry behavior of particular parts in gravitational waves) creates subatomic particles before the creation of closed wave formation. Creations from electric semi-loop can come to relations or repels other geometrical space particles, but geometrical space from gravitational semi-loop are only repulsive subatomic particles and creates more gravitational wave formation (see wave theory – creation of closed formations).


Every semi-loop that is from one path formation (string) has three quark formations that I explain as energetic lines and central swirl. In those same energetic matters in the opposite semi-loops have different behavior and that are other quarks (which were predicted by Gell-Mann Murray).



This energetic wave is tantamount to one quant that is composed of two semi-loops with the following conditions:

(A) Energetic semi-loop

1)    The energetic, "electric force" faces outside and radiates (disperses) energy outside. Moreover, it readily comes into contact with energy from other energetic formations (pushes and pulls energetic matter.


One semi-loop = 3 quarks

Two semi-loops = 6 quarks


2)    The magnetic path maintains the energetic semi-loop (superposition).


Explanation of superposition of both energetic paths – the ingenious idea of Schrödinger

Even the smallest piece of energetic matter in super position state like Schrödinger’s cat


3)    Central formations (quark), such as the Kerr swirl or proton, contain a "strong force," which directs the distribution of energy in all wave formations.



(B) Magnetic semi-loop

4)    The magnetic-gravitational semi-loop boson possesses an external path that radiates both inside the loop and throughout the wave formation which is in a superposition mode.


5)    The energetic semi-loop (quark) serves as the glue for the magnetic semi-loop (boson).

6)    Central gravitational (quark), boson, forces like the Schwarzchild swirl, which are referred to as the "weak force," are in fact quite strong, but only affect limited vicinity.

We can thus see that one basic substance of energetic space creates two semi-circles by dint of its revolving and rotating movement along an energetic path. The energetic paths in each of the semi-circles contain varied dimensions (space time geometry) or directions, which engender different forces.


The wave formation may be split, for example the atom (every formation, including the atom, have the same structure as their ancestor) and they become two semi-loops in which those three main parts of the one strong path force can not be existed any time (only the wave formation is stable) and they immediately create a wave formation.









Three semi-paths (quarks): three in the energetic semi-loop and three in the magnetic semi-loop.








I have been searching the atom structure for many years, and in different sources and researches. The best explanation at last is a galaxy picture by Stephen Quintet that explains in the best way the atom structure.

All of the atomic and the subatomic particles were built by this picture that, for my opinion is the closet to reality. Nevertheless, we still have a lot of work in order to understand it completely.

We would not be able to reach by any means such as computers or mathematical methods, this formation (quantum) or similar ones that has been created by nature itself.

Stephan’s Quintet (NASA)

Explanation of Stephan’s Quintet galaxies

The hydrogen atom structure

Galaxy M-51

Explanation of hydrogen atom behavior


I have created an illustration of atom’s formation based on the photograph of Stephan’s quintet and other galaxies

1. Proton behaves like Kerr swirls 00

2. proton positron paths.

3  positron (cloud, swirl); 450.

4. Neutron ,  900 , like (Schwarzschild swirl)

5. Neutron electron paths. (In galaxies paths of stars , planets atom formation etc.)

6. Electron (clouds). 2700 ,

7. Electron orbits around proton. (Feynman “Sum over histories”).

Proton – Neutron wave formations 900. .

Electron – Positron 900   wave formations.


Description of atom (gravitational wave).

Proton, like Kerr swirl, black hole propels energetic pathway which by revolving and rotation motion, this one energetic path creates additional three atomic particles form closed formation, bubble formation







Electric current in a wire.

Blue: magnetic flow.

Red: Electric flow.





The flow of electric and magnetic matter in DNA formations


It is hard to imagine that all organic formations have to behave according to the blue print formation.




Only from sky pictures that show different phase transitions can we put the puzzle together.



Gravitational wave behavior:



Gravitational semi-loop behavior (from sky pictures)




All the small and the large quantum formations

must have the same behavior.

A. Einstein


These beautiful space pictures clearly show that Schwarzschild's swirl have entering paths () and exiting paths () and between them a swirl formation   ( thought to be neutron or a “white hole”) that changes space geometrical matter behavior in one continuous energetic path (string). Some physics mentioned that we have some formations that can transfer us from one world to another; maybe “white hole" is suitable for this idea.


You need a fertile imagination to see that all these things are actually the same, because the energetic matters motion cannot repeat itself on the matrix formation – Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.


Wave Theory proves that Weinberg’s, Glashow’s and Salam’s work concurs with Einstein’s prediction that small quantum formations must have the same quantum formations as the larger ones. My paper proved that quantum mechanics and the general relative theory (Einstein) have the same physical principal, and that united nature theory connects between Planck’s and Einstein’s ideas into one reality.









The ingenious works of that Weinberg’s, Glashow and Salam show that Einstein’s predictions that small and large quantem formation must have the same behaviour.



Copyright Dr. Tejman Chaim Henry October 2006




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