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Women Live Longer than Men



Tejman Chaim, Dr.

United Nature Theory - Wave Theory : Theory of Everything



Women live longer. This is their gift from nature, and the United Nature Theory explains how it happens.


The physiological and functional differences between men and women have been a source for debate since the dawn of civilization. In the modern age, some scholars claim that the lone distinction between the life span of women and of men involves their role in the reproductive process. Notwithstanding the copious amount of philosophical dialogue over this issue, the procreative dimension must be separated from the political discourse, as the issue of reproduction is exclusively a scientific matter that pertains to the natural behavior the fundamental natural matter.


Galaxy m-51                  stepahn’s quintet galaxy’s






The basic formations which we see in the sky are composed of two elements that together form one complexity (the quantum - wave formation).

Energetic matter is the fundamental substance which creates everything. 

The United Nature Theory represents the first clear explanation for this argument by introducing the quantum wave formation as the first formation to appear after the Big Bang. Consequently, the blueprint for the whole creation was formed (quantum or semi-loop formation). Through evolution this formation has affect on the human race as well. Women are the magnetic part of the semi-loop and men are the electric part of the semi loop, (see adjacent pictures), together they form a closed couple formation (quantum).


The magnetic semi loop [women] has pulling and gravitational properties, which resemble basic feminine traits such as women lifespan. Consequently, magnetic loops [women] have a capacity for storing energy and act to maintain the structural integrity of the entire wave formation through women life span behavior. The electric/energetic semi loop [men] consists of expanding properties that disperse energetic matter that “disappears” into space. This is synonymous with masculine characteristics.


Energetic matter initially creates energetic (electric) swirls, “masculine” which then form a secondary magnetic [women] swirl,. Together, both elements comprise the stable wave {couple} formation (see the United Nature Theory). This is a formidable and beautiful structure in which energy flows in a closed circular path. Gradually, this ingenious creation disintegrates due to the dispersal of energy from its energetic semi - loop. The magnetic {women} semi loop remains and continues to exist for a long period of time. All that explains why woman live longer.



We clearly see that the magnetic {women} semi loop feminine behavior which has the ability to store energetic matter and to keep its wave formation in a complete {couple} form, live longer then the energetic masculine semi loop that disperses into space.

Nature explains exclusively and in a beautiful way why women tend to live longer. In this basic wave formation in nature, quantum, (or couple formation), we observe that the magnetic semi loop lives longer, stores energy and divides its formation – similar to women life span; and the energetic semi loop disperses its energy, its existence is shorter – similar to men life span.

United Nature Theory (wave theory) explains why sexuality exists, men and women that together create a stable wave formation (quantum), in which one cannot exist without the other. Other articles claim that women live longer because they sleep more, work differently, etc. However, it is in my claim that women live longer as a gift from the beginning of the creation.

It is true that interspecies jealousy exists but a man always desires that his mother will prevail for ever (see a Russian folk song in which a child wishes his mother and him will live forever, or the play “The Chairs” (1952) in which Eugene Ionesco expresses longings for his mother).



Why women live longer than men is beautifully explained through observing nature.                                                           



United nature theory, Book 2, chapter: gender why sex.pp. 78-80

ISBN: 965-9062702



Following the Big Bang  in the beginning of the universe appears the  quantum wave formation, which is composed of two semi-loops. One semi loop is magnetic, similar to women’s life span and the other is energetic, similar to men’s life span. The magnetic semi loop preserves its formation longer than the energetic semi-loop.






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