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Evolution: Definition.


Eternity of hyper-universe

by quanta Evolution.



Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.

United Nature Theory-Wave Theory


The constant wildest active

"energetic matter"{Tejman}, or as it called -

space fabrics {A. Einstein},

 which does not have ”beginning” or “end”,

by its peculiar rotation and revolving motion creates space time curvature {A. Einstein}–and sophisticated form- condensed energetic space time- 11 dimensions quantum creation {M. Planck}.

Quantum, by phase transitions, gives birth to sequence quantum, formation, {EVOLUTION}.

 The wildest continuous active behavior of

"energetic matter" cause that every new sequence of quantum won't be exactly a matrix formation

of each, organic and non organic, succeeding generation {EVOLUTION}, but every quantum living- organic or not organic, is being ruled by the same laws allied to Planck’s, Einstein’s quantum, Schrodinger superposition and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle ideas .  


Lamarck and Darwin thought that evolution is a process of “living” formations, but the

United Nature Theory

explains that this sophisticated behavior of “energetic matter” space fabrics is for every quantum formation including our quantum Universe.

Only a “living” substance "energetic matter" can form life creations, that means that quanta formations are living creations and can undergo EVOLUTION.

Summary :

EVOLUTION can undergo only by a living quantum creation.

The mystery creation of Universe is still fascinating subject for investigation and it might be endless.

The forefathers of evolution.

B Lamarck

C. Darwin

G. Mendel

M. Planck


A. Einstein






W. Heisenberg



© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry.  July   2007


The theory of everything




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