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Gravity: Absolute and Relative

allied to Newton’s Absolute time

and Einstein’s Relative time w

Gravity: quantum formation.



Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.


United nature theory-Wave theory


Gravity: Condensed Energetic Space and Time

in cubic space{ in quantum formation }.

G =

Condensed Energetic Matter

Space { time}

=   Quantum constant


In different phase transition of gravity, space and time are relative changed but absolute quantum time is constant {because quantum is rigid formation}. 

The same amount of energy matter changes its shape by phase transition. The relations between time, energy and space change


As space becomes larger, time increases, the energy concentration in cubic centimeters (i.e. Gravity) is smaller. The amount of energy in each space segment within the quantum would be became smaller.

image011t Hence constant




The increase in space suggests prolonged time.




Gravity according to wave theory: the more energy occupied in a given space the larger is Gravity became.                 




    :Gravity is proportional to energy {in cubic space} and is inversely proportional to space/time of quantum formation in different phase transition..

Every quantum has different smaller quantum formations which have their absolute space, time and gravity but are relative to other quanta and to their mother quantum {gravitation wave formation}.




The wildest activity of energetic matter upspring different electric paths from the main energetic source which by swirling motions create different waves-quanta formations from this common source which

are relative to this main absolute

source { Kerr swirl }.



The wildest activity of energetic matter upspring  of electric path from energetic source which by swirling motion creates unclosed waves formation inside which are much smaller waves-quanta-formations that are relative to main absolute gravitation wave{quantum}





Common source which arise different-relative gravity-wave formations

In this gravitation wave quantum are a lot smaller relative gravity quanta

Every gravitation wave has it’s specify frequency







Solar prominence with muccch of smaller quanta {gravitation waves}.

The rotation and revolving {serpiginous} motion of energetic matter create much smaller relative quanta.

 From beginning  the energetic matter{space fabrics}  tries to escape from gravity quantum formation and disperse slowly into space {second law of thermodynamics Tejman}.





Every planet sits on apex of it specify quantum {gravitation wave} which belong to solar constellation and have it’s absolute gravity and time which are relative to other planets

Prediction: Please search for energetic semi loop which belong to this gravity semi loop {quantum}.

Please try the same prediction on other gravitation semi-loops galaxies.





Every quantum {two semi-loops gravitation wave} must have energetic semi loop and energetic semi-loop.

Every stars gravity and time is relative

to it’s galaxy and to other stars.


IMAGE Spacecraft Pictures Aurora

Hubbell:  picture          of aurora.

Unclosed gravitation wave

with to inside smaller relative quanta formations.



Unclosed quantum

Gravitation wave








Number of relative gravitation waves in absolute quantum aurora formation

Aurora :electric and magnetic semi- loop

Quantum formation .

Aurora :ascending electric semi-loop and descending

gravitation semi-loops paths in

absolute aurora quantum  


Ascending electric semi-loop path and descending gravitation semi-loops paths like

curtain by serpiginous    



Albert Einstein introduced the concept of relative time as the fourth dimension.  In this paper I discussed the connection between time and gravity {energy}.


Those three media - time, space and energy - are waved together form gravitation wave {quantum}.  Each has its own properties and behaviours; one cannot exist without the others.  Theoretically, each of them has no beginning and no end but in quantum gravitation wave formation they appear and decay together {evolution of energetic matter}


, Media are all one entity but are changeable, depending on different phases of energetic matter in which they appear that is the reason why In different phase transition the gravity, space and time are relatively changed to absolute quantum ,

Summary: Gravity: Condensed Energetic Space and Time in cubic space {in quantum formation}..             

© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry   May , 2007


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