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Gravity Definition


Theory of everything

Only nature explain it behavior.

More ingenious creation can’t exist!.


Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.

United nature theory-Wave theory


Definition: Gravity {gravitation}:

The Rotation and revolving motion by path of condensed energetic matter {space fabrics} create two semi-loops and two swirls {two behaviors} and form defined space wave {quantum} formation.

That is the most strong force {formation}.

The Motion of energetic matter {space fabrics} by revolving and rotation motion {by space time curvatures-Einstein} create unclosed two semi-loops {electric and gravitation} quantum wave formation {+/-720°} and by Schrodinger’s superposition form together the most ingenious sophisticated gravitation wave {quantum} formation

Know also as electro-magnetic wave}.

The quantum, wave formation  is for small and large quantum formations that means that like Newton’s absolute and Einstein’s relative time exist absolute and relative gravity .

That means that every quantum has its absolute gravity and a lot of smaller different quantum inside it which have own gravity that are relative to other and to their basic quantum wave gravity.

Gravitation wave {quantum} disperses again to space.

by electric {semi loop-path}, by creation new wave

which remain attached to their mother wave formation.

That is the circulation {circles vicious}-Evolution- of energetic matter {space fabrics}.


An even greater revolution insofar as our knowledge on the gravitational wave is concerned was provided by the following picture, also courtesy of the Hubble Telescope. This picture, which in my estimation is the photo of the century, documents exactly what a gravitational wave looks like.

It is worth reiterating the fact that energetic matter is a living and mercurial creation. Therefore, one requires a considerable amount of common sense to categorize energetic formations in their proper group.

Description of the Gravitational Wave

  1. An energetic swirl {like Kerr swirl the foundation of the wave) resembles the black spots on the sun, which are so energetic that they swallow light.
  2. The stream of the energetic path departs from an energetic source in a rigid  manner that resembles the string of a violin {bend to left}..
  3. The part of the wave along  the  path way consists of perpendicular semi-circles, which do not close on the left-hand side of the wave (they remain open), and return like a broom to the source. The wave pushes and pulls
  4. everything in its way (like a broom sweeping leaves that have been -scattered about by the wind) back {bouncing} own to the energetic swirl (source). The gravitation force acts perpendicular to the energetic path strong force.

These gravitational waves contain different wave lengths inside, and each wave reacts {vibrate} to similar wave lengths but by wildest behavior of energetic matter are not identical waves Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Nonetheless, I believe that it will take many generations before we reach a comprehensive understanding of this ingenious and sophisticated phenomenon, if at all.

This picture shows that condensed gravitational wave are limited but lack clear borders {unclosed}. Based on the information stated above, I have drawn up the following equation:



In all its outcomes, quantum (gravitational wave, wave formation) has the same behavior evolution as the main creation.



Quantum (photon)

Gravitational wave

Wave formation

Max Planck

Albert Einstein

Chaim, Henry Tejman

=Quantum (photon)

=Gravitational wave






Motion of energetic matter by new wave formations until disperse to space


Vie from side

Vie from up


Motion of energetic matter by observation of nature behavior


Upshot-Knothole Grable


Universe motion according to United Nature Theory

Big bang absolute time and absoly gravity {frequency}

Relative quantum with relative time and gravity

Follow relative quantum gravity

Dispersed quantum-gravity like universe

1 aurora

 2 solar prominence 

Strong forces-space



Side vie

Hubbell’s picture-hurricane

Motion of energetic matter !


galaxy – M 51

Aurora-motion of energetic matter in gravitation semi loop like broom motion

Up vie: of gravitationwaves motion.








Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter view of Victoria Crater





New quantum formations are allied around basic formation.

From Chaim Tejman’s equations of gravity, we can see  the relation between energy, space and gravity

(you can also see his work by clicking the following link)





From this equation we can see that  gravity is proportional to concentration of energetic matter in some space .





Everything is created by one {space fabrics} substance.

That create quantum-gravitation wave

formation for everything,


Only United nature theory can explain Newton’s, Einstein, Planck, Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Dirac, Feynman, Pauli, Bohr,  Weinberg,  Glashow   Salam etc. and

quantum mechanics



© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry   April    2007

The theory of everything















Every gravitation wave-quantum- has its

specific frequency {vibration} and for measure,

we must use tools to find its specific

frequency {vibration}.









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