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Grand Unified Theory
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United nature theory
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Gravity= Gravitational Force=

Gravitational wave=Quantum.


Basic formation which by

Evolution {phase transitions}

Create  everything. everything.everything !!!


Gravitational wave, quantum-photon-rigid unclosed quantum sophisticated  formation protected by its strong gravity force

 is the basic formation that create everything.


Universe-rigid Hierarchic quantum formation, regnant

{ like as in army} of all its formations by gravity force ,

{Newton's absolute gravity}



Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.

United nature theory-Wave theory



  Max Planck introduce quantum as something full and complete that stands for itself. This was one of the most ingenious ideas of humanity, but Planck attribute it only to the smallest creations, and Albert Einstein immediately grasped this ingenious idea, develop it, and than clamed that small and large formations must have the same natural behavior.

 That caused endless discussion between Einstein and Quantum mechanics, which was based only on mathematical equations.

  After years that I have been working on the United Nature Theory, searching what is the thing that connect all the creations in the world and I saw a common idea - that every complete thing is composed of two parts {swirls} like male and female -and I have got to the conclusion that quantum must be composed of two parts + and 0, (not opposite charge) only by perpendicular behavior because one is completing the other,also{A. Einstein not introduce "-" as opposite force "- ".


     From the observation of the sky, through Hubel's telescopes, I noticed that M51 galaxies. Stephan quintet and Faraday's experiment explain the behavior of this basic energetic matter by two formations .  That gave made it possible for me

to see how the whole world is composed, and how "simple" and ingenious but how this is sophisticate.

 This simplicity is so ingenious and sophisticated creation that will be source for the humanity endless work.   


  Newton's and Einstein's ingenious ideas of gravity were the basic for the advance of science for many years, and their theories are still being used, up to this day.  Though, the precise explanation of the gravitation could only be given by the nature itself.

  It is an interesting fact that Newton and Einstein, both thought physics throughout pictures and photos.  Since I am a scientist who belongs to 'Natural science' it helped me understand the behavior of nature.

   Of curse my writes come hundreds of years after them, but  because of the fact that with time there was an enormous progress on all science fields, especially fantastic photos from space, which were taken by very new telescopes (Hubel's in particular) I now understand the behavior of nature much better on basis of Newton's and Einstein's works

 This behavior is so ingenious that no human brain, computer, or an assistant lab can simply explain this sophisticate behavior of nature.

Moreover, the element of the basic material, which it's essence is the creation of everything, is still very far from our understanding although Casimir's works and static electricity {Tejman's article} through some light on this issue .

  All the basic energetic matter creations of the universe are around we touch them and they touch us.  With a very careful look we can find the common sense in them and moreover - we can see the connection between different formations, there we see again Einstein's genius ideas about how everything has the same behavior as the original basic formation {gravitational wave.quantum}  .

 It is true that as for today there is a contradiction between Einstein's theory and the Quantum mechanics theory, which are both ingenious, but only the United Nature Theory, by explaining that the behavior of basic substance {energetic matter} which creates quantum by two basic forces - strong and week (electric-strong force and space-gravity  week force), uniting those two theories so there is no contradiction between them.

Quantum unclosed gravitational wave formation is created by two semi loops. The same energetic paths carry different electric charges (space trajectories geometry) so the flow of electric force alone creates energetic parts by changing its geometrical space that creates energetic and magnetic formation (electric and magnetic force). The energetic matter which flow in electric semi-loop (high energetic photon) is marked as '+' and the second part of this same gravitational wave of those energetic-magnetic paths is marked as "-" or "'0".


The wave theory explains by pictures from space telescope, in essence, how nature is developing exactly as Einstein's gravitational waves ideas. (field trajectories).


It is hard to believe that Einstein thought about this idea (general relativity theory) before 100 years, this idea is so sophisticated that only nature can create or explain it


Wave theory demonstrates that gravitational field trajectories (electric fields) are created by the same energetic matter (forces), that is to say, by changing space time trajectories, by Riemannian geometry, Richie curvatures and Gauss curvatures that creates everything.{see Einstein's works}




Force space .space -force. Force space. space -force


  Those two basic behaviors {forces} are the essence of the evolution of the basic energetic material, which is constantly moving from one force to the other-evolution {perpetual mobile} and only in old formations, {like in atoms}, we can see clearly four forces. Those forces are always in superposition and active together, like Schrodinger's cat (exists and not exists simultaneously   one of the ingenious ideas of the 20'century and United Nature Theory by introducing quantum as created by two swirls connected by energetic path which are always in superposition explain Schrodinger's idea .

  The United Nature Theory proves that Einstein's and Heisenberg's endless discussion shows, actually, that each of them was right in his theories, each one in his way, and the nature displays that very clearly. There is an order between energetic force and space-weak force that is expressed especially in very big creations, but in small formations wee see clearly {in atoms electron behavior|  that the energetic matter is mercurial, alive, each following formation (quantum) will be in a different matrix, although the nature laws are take place on all the creations, and. only the nature proves how both of them were right.


Classical Faraday's experiment clearly shows that complete energetic unity is composed by two formations - electric and magnetic.

From nature we clearly see M51 galaxy is also composed by two







Two perpendicular forces strong=electric{red} blue=weak{space}



main basic formations. The left is energetic (electric strong force) while the right is magnetic (space formation weak force). Those two forces create one stable formation. Faraday asked Maxwell to create an equation of his experiment, and that equation shows clearly two perpendicular forces.



Force space .space -force. Force space. space -force


Faraday's law of induction:

\nabla \times \mathbf{E} = -\frac{\partial \mathbf{B}} {\partial t}

\oint_C \mathbf{E} \cdot \mathrm{d}\mathbf{l}  = -  \int_S \frac{\partial\mathbf{B}}{\partial t} \cdot \mathrm{d} \mathbf{A}

Ampère's Circuital Law
(with Maxwell's extension):

\nabla \times \mathbf{H} = \mathbf{J} + \frac{\partial \mathbf{D}} {\partial t}

\oint_C \mathbf{H} \cdot \mathrm{d}\mathbf{l} = \int_S \mathbf{J} \cdot \mathrm{d} \mathbf{A} +  \int_S \frac{\partial\mathbf{D}}{\partial t} \cdot \mathrm{d} \mathbf{A}


The creation of universe-this one strong force {electric} created a second force (Gravitational Magnetic semi loop). Together these forces created a stabile formation of unclosed gravitational waves (quantum formation). These two semi loops are in constant equilibrium, and one force contains with in it the second force.By different phase transitions their semi loop(forces) changes, and one forces changes to the other like photon motion.


I'm introducing an equation that quantum two semi loops must be in constant equilibrium.- Everything Equation

The universe was created by a single entity of energetic matter, which by its spinning and swirling motion formed two swirls (loops) that together comprised a wave. These two swirls, which are the primary components of every wave, adhere to the following equation:


Magnetic (loop)
















The same idea is in following equations..

F_g = G \frac{m_1m_2} {r^2}     Newton


R_{ab} - {1 \over 2}R\,g_{ab} = {8 \pi G \over c^4} T_{ab}. Einstein.

The Einstein field equations (EFE) may be written in the form:[1]

R_{\mu \nu} - {\textstyle 1 \over 2}R\,g_{\mu \nu} = \kappa T_{\mu \nu} = {8 \pi G \over c^4} T_{\mu \nu}.

Einstein noticed that if some molecule vibrates in vicinity only the ones with the same behavior vibrates. That means that complete unclosed quantum formations reacts to the same like quantum formation by vibrating at the same frequency, not by electric charge because those two semi loops { that we call charges} are in one closed quantum.

  In order to find a specific wave formation we must use the same quantum (gravitational wave) frequency because quantum as complete formation and is neutral.

Charges " +" and "-" that are geometrical space behavior of energetic matter are in closed quantum and does not disperse.


Upshot-Knothole Grable



The pictures above clearly show two main force - strong condensed electric and weak force space which by its revolving and rotating motion creates strong force and that means only by change space time geometry one force changed to the other force.


The masterpiece creation of the world is the energetic space-force {space fabrics A.

Einstein} creation which by her swirling revolving and rotation motion creates quantum formation.


Quantum (photon)

Gravitational wave

Wave formation

Max Planck

Albert Einstein

Chaim, Henry Tejman


That is the same formation but different ideas

Two semi-loops wave{quantum}formation



From different works we know that our universe {quantum} has two main



Visible and               not a visible.

Magnetic, gravity, space - electric, strong force


Motion of our universe {like photon motion}


Dispersion of universe {like dispersion of photon}.


Motion of energetic matter {to us} by quantum formation










Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter view of Victoria Crater




Motion of energetic matter by quantum duplication {like photon}


The space fabric's {A. Einstein} create only one formation and

THIS sophisticated formation create everything.

 Click to enlarge; NASA

Motiom of fnergetic matter by quanta formations.





Condensed energetic space-glitter-again condensed space and again glitter that disperse

Parasitic mushroom, basic strong force creates space. This space creates strong force again and creates dispersed space again

Strong force-dispersed force(space)


Different quanta formations. 

The basic substance knows only how to do quantum formations,



which create everything.



Energetic prominence from nebula

Aura strong force creates weak force

Solar prominence

Gravitational wave


Horsehead nebula

Horsehead nebula


Strong force creates knee that returns too the source as a weak force(horse nebula)

Aura -strong force creates perpendicular weak force


Strong force which creates space(horse nebula)


Organic and inorganic formations have the same{energetic matter} behavior


of two semi-loops.


two semi-loops.

Click to enlarge

Hubble Image of the Antennae Galaxies


two semi-loops.


Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter view of Victoria Crater


Everything is created from this one energetic matter {fantastic}..

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter view of Victoria Crater

Strong force- space

Strong force- space

Quantum reproduction


Quantum reproduction

Quantum reproduction

Quantum energetic matter dispersion




Magnetic semi-loop{space}-   electric{strong force}-   magnetic semi-loop{space}-



Brain -classical quantum formation

The most sophisticated creation of the universe energetic matter and is like primary energetic mater creation force-space






The same behavior of quantum formation.



         The expansion of energetic matter  force≈space≈force≈space ...etc.

Motion {duplication} of DNA quanta by two-semi loops of energetic matter {like photon motion}


Force space .space -force.    Force space.... space -force 



Only living substance {active space fabrics-

 A. Einstein} by quanta formations can create living compositions.


© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry   august 2007

The theory of everything



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