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Gravity quantumSpecify for every gravitation wave formation.


Gravity quantum

Specify for every gravitation wave formation.


Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.


United nature theory-Wave theory



Space laboratory

Motion of energetic matter by quantum formation strong-force

-weak force{space}

Black basis Kerr swirl

swallow light

red-strong force

white-weak force

Strong force

Create quanta



A lot of bubbles quanta from

Volcano explosion


New quantum {quanta} is created by former formation. That is the way of decay {dispersion} of quantum- energetic matter  formation.

                                                  Second law of thermodynamics -   Tejman}.

The wildest behavior of energetic matter can’t create matrices formations that is the reason that every quantum have its own behavior and gravity.

Gravity-peculiar motion of energetic matter in quantum

Gravitation  wave formation. 


The gravitation wave- quantum ,  is the basic and one of the most beautiful and ingenious , sophisticated creation  of energetic matter.

The gravitation wave , I try explain by  solar prominence and aurora formations

that are the same creations of energetic matter ={condensed energetic space fabrics and time }-wave  theory





Aurora                                                    solare prominence



The gravitation wave like solar and aurora prominence {classic gravitations waves} have ascending path {energetic-electric} and perpendicular descending {magnetic-gravitation} path which return to their energetic source.











Click to enlarge; NASA

Click to enlarge; NASA

Click to enlarge; NASA

Solar Prominence
low energetic source

Solar Prominences large energetic source













The  gravitation  wave , view from shuttle on the aurora resemble a closed formation with energetic source .This is a classical gravitation  wave with energetic source that creates closed bubble formation- gravitational wave.



Aurora- gravitational wave in its insight behavior.



The gravitation  wave: ,this picture shows behavior of energetic matter, with its electric force and strength. Perpendicular lines - gravitation waves.




The gravitation  wave shows in all its glory the wild behavior of energetic matter {space fabrics, Casmir force}, but obey the natural law.

The gravitation wave, clearly shows that energetic, gravitation   wave (quantum} is composed of 2 parts .Ascending energetic semi loop and magnetic semi loop connected perpendicular to energetic ascending paths {WAVE THEORY}.













Those pictures clearly show paths behavior.


The gravitation wave is composed of two kinds of paths ascending energetic and descending perpendicular magnetic like pictures from aurora.

Those pictures   of  gravitations  waves explains how the peculiar motion of energetic matter behaves in quantum wave formations.

The gravitation wave create different formation, which are beyond our imagination because wild and spontaneous moving of energetic matter create different pictures.










The gravitation wave can be in different sizes depending in the energetic source.








The gravitation wave appears in every place on planet but are larger in the poles where magnetic semi loop is dominant.





The gravitation wave is composed by different wave lengths, (frequencies) and that is the reason that in its space we have  different  gravitation wave formation.

Atoms in aurora space give a spectacular glows, especially when solar prominence are very active.

The gravitation wave can be detected by wave frequencies detectors equipment





                                               Aurora                                The Mice Galaxies{NGC4676                 


The gravitational wave perpendicular – magnetic path move like curtain,

We can conclude that electron move in the same mode, {wave theory}   

.  The motion of descending pat { curtain motion-gravitation semi-loop }

is specific for gravity wave formation.





The gravitation wave



The gravitation wave like curtain motion show exactly how magnetic-gravitational wave move like electron which is the magnetic part –semi loop in atom. See :


Wave theory explains the ingenious inspiration of Einstein who said small and large formations must be similar quantum formation.


Magnetic gravitation swirl.


The heart of the whirlpool galaxy M 51


The gravitation wave is the classical energetic waves with two semi loops and the curls are the magnetic perpendicular gravitational semi loop and they move from up to down {descending path }opposite to energetic ascending path.

That is classical gravitational wave {quantum} behavior, beautifully expressed by pictures of Hubbell telescope.

 The gravitation wave show the rotation and revolving motion of energetic matter in every gravitational wave but in different phase transition the picture change But always obey the natural laws.


Wave theory explains-Aurora  by different wave gravitational waves. sizes {frequencies} make a sound..

Like in Aurora gravitational waves by different sizes appears in every energetic quantum formation.

The gravitationl wave from shuttles is seen as one closed formation.

Gravitation wave are in different sizes and  formations but from solar prominence  and aurora  we can learn of their basic behavior.



The basic formation of everything is gravity wave and auroras and solar prominences are of their expressions.


©  Tejman  Chaim  Henry 2007 April

Theory of everything,







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