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Newton’s and Einstein’s gravity.  

The force is created by quantum formation. 


Gravity force is being created by quantum formation and on it’s return, the gravity force protects the quantum’s wholeness and autonomy.

.Newton’s gravity force is active across the entire Universe {which is one rigid absolute quantum formation}  that is thank to hierarchic gravity regnant of all it’s formations. Newton's theory of "Universal Gravitation

Einstein’s Gravity force acts by space time curvatures.

That means that every relative smaller formations {quantum-force} relates to it’s ancestor gravity force {quantum} like in military hierarchy, it rules by absolute quantum gravity force {Newton-Einstein}.

Newton's theory of "Universal Gravitation” together with Einstein’s relative gravity by space time curvatures completed the ingenious idea of gravitation {quantum force}.

  Both of them are ingeniously right!

I, personally, will always wonder how did they come to such of ingenious ideas such a long time ago.

The United Nature Theory explain that by nature observations we are capable of seeing that the behavior of this virtual creation is so sophisticated that it is beyond our imagination and still a mystery for us all.

Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.

United nature theory-Wave theory          

Space fabrics, condensed space time curvature {Einstein} or condensed energetic space time {energetic matter-Tejman}.These 3 media are waved


together and  changed relatively one to other, dependent of the phase



























Quantum gravity space time

Quantum gravity space time

Quantum gravity space time



Every quantum-wave formation is composed from two semi-loops

One electric pushing {negative gravity} strong electric force

Second, pushing/pulling-weak force {space} positive gravity.

Quantum formation has different shapes and maybe closed, unclosed or open formation and by phase transitions it is capable of creating endless creations.


From nature pictures:

quantum-gravitational wave composed by two semi-loops



Galaxies are quantum formation ruled by gravitational force.


Every quantum {two semi-loops gravitation wave} must have energetic semi loop and energetic semi-loop.

Every stars gravity and time is relative to it’s galaxy and to other stars.







Different shapes of gravitational wave {quantum-gravity force}




Ascending, energetic path {electric semi-loop, strong force}.

 Descending, gravity path {magnetic semi-loop, space, weak force}.






The wildest activity of energetic matter upspring different electric paths from the main energetic source which by swirling motions creates different waves-quanta formations from this common source which

is relative to this main absolute

source { Kerr swirl }.

The wildest activity of energetic matter upspring  of electric path from energetic source which by swirling motion creates unclosed waves formation inside which are much smaller waves-quanta-formations. That is relative to main absolute gravitation wave {quantum}


Common source which arise different-relative gravity-wave formations

In this gravitation wave quantum are a lot smaller relative gravity quanta

Every gravitation wave has it’s specify frequency


Solar system, quantum formation.




  Every planet sits on apex of it’s specific quantum {gravitation wave} which belongs to solar constellation and has it’s absolute gravity and time which are relative to other planets. Solar system belongs to it’s galaxy which belongs to the Universe quantum. 


Quantum –gravitational wave is created by one substance, [space fabrics-{A. Einstein}] or energetic matter {condensed energetic space, time Tejman}.


Solar prominence with much of smaller quanta {gravitation waves}.

The rotation and revolving {twisted} motion of energetic matter create much smaller relative quanta.

 From beginning  the energetic matter{space fabrics}  tries to escape from gravity quantum formation and disperse slowly into space {second law of thermodynamics Tejman}.



Einstein’s space time curvature

Warped space


Newton’s gravity force acts

Across the entire Universe.        

Tejman’s equation: of gravity.




condensed energetic matter

in quantum space

Gravity is proportional to condensed energetic matter in cubic space that is different in every phase transition.                         




Tejman’s equation of energetic matter behavior in quantum formation

Like photon phase transition..


Electric strong force semi-loop

Magnetic-gravity weak force


Energetic Matter in the Energetic Path (Semi-Circle)


Energetic Matter in the Magnetic Path (Semi-Circle)

1 = 1

Energetic Matter in the Magnetic Path (Semi-Circle)

Energetic Matter in the Energetic Path (Semi-Circle)

Newton’s and Einstein’s

Fnet = m • a


G_{\mu \nu} = {8\pi G\over c^4} T_{\mu \nu}\,

Those ingenious equations are still sources for modification and inspiration.


Gravity force is created from energetic matter by quantum formation. 


© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry. July 2007


The theory of everything.








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