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Quantum-living creation.

The stabile nature creation-quantum formation.


The living quantum Universe blueprint formation

from the beginning

 for each organic and non-organic formations!!! 

Those constant active

space fabrics {A. Einstein} energetic matter {Tejman} creates

endless ‘living’ quanta formations.

The primary virtual sophisticated substance is a living

Energetic matter (force) and is it not a surprising then, that all living formations are a sequence of this primary force

The most ingenious behavior of nature is that it seems not logical, but maybe in nature  its logical!{Tejman}

 Example: the "complete" Planck's quantum formation is unclosed nature creation and that two opposites forces are the same force which appears by change space time geometry {A. Einstein}

The nature behavior is beyond our human fantasy.


United Nature is not a theory, but describes the nature reality sequence of Lamarck’s and Darwin’s works,

All that with 21 century experience based on different scientific papers from all disciplines and NASA space laboratory.  


 "Logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge of the empirical world;
all knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends in it.”

                                                                                               A. Einstein, 1933

                                         Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.

United nature theory-Wave theory


In 2001 I published my first book United nature theory, concluding fifty years of work, these retrospective led me to the conclusion that the basic structure from space fabrics {A. Einstein} as they name it – “for everything is quantum”- {Max Planck}-“photon”-{Albert Einstein}  and my idea from nature observations that this quantum-photon  creation is unclosed  wave formation, composed by two semi-loops and connected by energetic path. One semi-loop has energetic {electric} properties{Kerr swirl} and the second has gravity{magnetic} condensed properties{Schwarzschild swirl} and they create together - wave-particle. This resembles the  first famous experiment of Faraday. experiment.




M- 51






Aurora: red-electric swirl

Green –magnetic-gravity


v838 monoceratis

solar quantum formation

Beginning of gravitation wave creation.


The aurora , view from shuttle resemble a closed formation with energetic source .This is a classical gravitational wave.


Black body radiation  {M .Planck}





     spectrum of quanta sizes



energetic matter move by quanta creation

quantum=strong force+ weak force


 U.N.Theory:   Quantum two semi-loops wave formation.                                                            





It is a very sophisticated and ingenious creation that is beyond our imagination.

The wildest behavior of energetic matter never creates identical matrix formation.

Because those 11 dimensions never create the same space constellation in daughter creation {see Heisenberg ingenious idea of uncertainty principle}. That is the reason for constant evolution of quantum creation.


Motion of energetic matter

From Hubbell Telescope. 

 Motion of energetic matter in DNA


In hurricane {Hubbell picture} gravity semi-loop clearly show electric path {strong force}

 and perpendicular -gravitation path.{weak space force}        


The magnetic (gravitational) component of a hurricane's wave formation, with protruding arms.


Part of a swirl along with an energetic path





From energetic source “Kerr swirl” high energetic swirl {black color because high energetic swirl like black hole swallow light} eject  electric path which by it’s swirling motion create other swirl {Schwarzschild –gravitation}. Those two swirls with their path create quantum formation which like galaxies are not hermetic closed .  

Energetic matter move by quantum-wave-formations that is the reason why it can’t extend 300 000 km/sec {relative Einstein’s time},  but quantum is rigid formation {like atom or universe} where the time is Newton’s absolute time.


 Other pictures of explanation of energetic matter motion.





  (c)     (d)      (e)


 (f)             (g)    

                                             (a-g): Detail of energetic matter moving.

 An isolated photon of energetic matter immediately disperses into space, but in the form of a bundle [see pictures from United Nature Theory (2001): Dr. Chaim Tejman]. The magnetic loop andformations preserves the structure of the bundle by ensuring that it does not dismember.

                      The movement of energetic matter that is aligned into stream of photons.


                 Wave Theory try to explain how all this transpires in nature look like.

The picture below (depicts moving photon and energetic matter within DNA. It doesn't take much common sense to see.).

Those formations are simple but ingenious sophisticated creations of this energetic matter 

 Scientists have long been able to describe how electricity flows through a wire. However, Wave Theory and the pictures from the laboratory researches and Hubble Space telescope show how this occurs in nature


Waves: expelling from nebula


 From telescopic pictures of a nebula the expelling of several rotating discs bound together by a cloud like substance is noticed (as depicted in above drawing on basis Hubbell pictures). These discs shine as bright as stars. This observation triggered the thought that the motion of photons has a similar form.




Pict.: Left to Right: An imaginative depiction of the manner in which a photon moves, The Quantified form is discrete as bits in the computer, The rotating motion of energetic matter in a moving photon,




                                 More explanation: of photons behavior.



The basic behavior of energetic matter.




Only by watching nature creations we can learn it’s ingenious sophisticated behavior because it’s beyond human imagination.


Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter view of Victoria Crater

Quantum reproduction

The energetic matter expands by quantum          {energetic waves} .Hubbell telescope

Quantum reproduction



Upshot-Knothole Grable


Swirling  revolving and rotation motion of energetic matter create unclosed two semi-loops {strong + weak forces} quantum formation..



Superposition of ensrgetic matter flow {E. Schrodinger}.



Superposition of energetic matter flow {E. Schrodinger}.



Energetic matter is mercurial living creation and every it’s formations have the same properties.




© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry   May 2005

The theory of everything




For my theory, I use picture and articles published in “internet” along with other scientific sources which show and help to explain the nature behavior.                         






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