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"Sleep" Siesta "Living"


Metabolic process of energetic matter in quantum {M. Planck} formation!



Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.

United nature theory-Wave theory



"Sleep" is a living process, 'metabolism' of the circulation of the energetic matter for each, organic and not organic creation in quantum formation.

Process of uptake and output

of a constantly active, alive energetic matter, that surrounding the existence of quantum creation.


Sleep-siesta: repairing energetic structures of quantum formation after a chaotic {possible - chance} uptake of energetic matter by it’s formation.

Siesta is sufficient to soma of organic creations, but sleeping is necessary for high energetic brain quantum formation. The expulsion of excess brain surplus energy appeared only by absolute rest [sleep]. We feel that by dreaming or kind of thunders which coming up sometimes.


Summary: sleep is a metabolic process of energetic matter in quantum- wave-formation {Planck, Einstein, Schrodinger, Heisenberg and Tejman}.


Copyright: Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry. July 2007

The theory of everything.




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