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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything




Hydrogen-carbon atoms bonds,

valence, hybridization, structure.


Only United Nature Theory,

by introducing “two semi-loops”

to quantum formation {M. Planck}, and energetic matter {condensed energetic space time} as basic substance

explain the sophisticated and the most ingenous behavior of energetic matter .

and united Einstein’s idea with quantum mechanics with all nature creations.


Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.

United nature theory-Wave theory

Everything is created by one energetic matter = {condensed energetic space, time} which by peculiar revolving and rotation motion create everything, including atoms {quanta formations}.

For better understand this ingenious behavior of energetic matter and Hydrogen carbon atom bonds please read:


Grand Unified Theory {Tejman}.



Helium atom and carbon atom structure on basis of all researches and observations.

For better understanding, I try explain the Helium atom as basic behavior of quanta in atom structure.

Helium atom composed by 2 hyrogen atoms,

but Helium atom is one quantum formation which means that must have two behaviors {two semi-loops formations},

One electric and the second is magnetic {wave particle}.

That means:

One photon of Helium atom have electric properties,

with orientation to outside {wavy properties} disperse and came to contact  with others atoms {active electron}.

The second photon have magnetic, gravitational properties, shrinking {condensation of energetic matter} particle properties, safeguard of its quantum formation and it's electron is passive, accept only active electron

{weak bond}.

The most strong bonds are active with suitable active electron.

Every next atom appears by additional photon {hydrogen}.

That is the most sophisticated and ingenous behavior of  energetic matter  {wave particle} quantum.


The “energeic” electron path came to contact with other suitable electrons path

which vibrate in like position and mixed circulation of energy

{energetic mater} in both atoms.

Some atoms must be heated and the surplus of energetic matter extend  the electrons path. That helps the electron’s path {space} come to contact with neighbors atoms.

For separation of atomic bonds, also must be added energetic matter which enlarge electrons path that cause to lose their bonds.

For better understanding this ingenious behavior of energetic matter of hydrogen, carbon and other atoms bonds please see Lewis works :

Image:Electron dot.svg

Lewis dot-style chemical bonds between carbon C, hydrogen H, and oxygen O


Carbons atom is one quantum formation and composed by smallest quanta.

I thought that the best explanation of this sophisticated behavior of nature is by pictures plus some of common sense and imagination. It’s known that Newton and Einstein also though by pistures.

Behavior of electrons in carbon atom-quantum formation.


Pictures of carbons atom structure and behavior





Shells of carbons atom.,bonds,valence,hybridizationweb

Behavior of energetic matter in carbon atoms formation.,bonds,valence,hybridizationweb


Explanation of electrons bonds:

1. H. atom with electric electron {He}2S22p2 very strong force.

2. H. atom with magnetic electron {He}2S22p1 strong force.

3. H. atom or other with electric electron {He}2S2 weak force.

4. . H. atom with magnetic electron {He}2S1 very weak force.


Carbon atom is one quantum {gravitational wave} but composed from photons and every neutron {gravitational semi loop} safeguards its photon.

The wildest behavior of energetic matter cause that every carbons atom or others are not matrix formation 

This like “simple” behavior creates everything!!!

More sophisticated, ingenious, simple Masterpiece

Creation can’t be!!!

Atoms {molecule} with more electric “energetic” {‘H” semi-loop} properties are gaseous.

Atoms {molecule} with equilibrium properties

are liquids.

Atoms {molecule} with more gravity {semi-loop} properties are stabile formations.

It’s impossible for one men describe endless photons, quantum {gravitational wave} behavior  and formations so I try work only of more common problems.



Photon by like simple behavior creates everything!!!

More sophisticated, ingenious, “simple” Masterpiece

Creation can’t be!!!




Copyright: Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry 2007

The theory of everything