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Hydrogen molecule.


Explanation by United Nature Theory



Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.


United nature theory-Wave theory



 For understand Hydrogen molecule bond please read   



Hydrogen atom 1 with hydrogen 2


create together high energetic stabile molecule.


Explanation of picture:

Electrons long path. last part of atoms energetic matter circulation {metabolism}. have gravitational properties {-} but continue energetic matter flow {arrive}change its behavior to electric {+} energetic  properties.

                  Einstein’s idea of gravitational field trajectories (electric fields) that are created by the same energetic matter (forces), that is to say, by changing space time trajectories, by Riemannian geometry, Richie curvatures and Gauss curvatures creates gravitational wave {atom}

  Electron with new energetic matter come near to proton which "ingest" this surplus "energy" and push its to new circulation {atom metabolism} and so etc.

In Hydrogen molecule electron from one atom feeder the proton of second atom and its {metabolism} circulation,

So, both atoms have the same energetic matter metabolism.circulation,

In Hydrogen molecule electrons unite the atoms and are divide by protons

But i atoms are united by protons and divide by neutrons and electrons



Hydrogene molecule

Helium atom


Like similar idea


A pictorial representation of a hydrogen

molecule and its electron cloud






See also similar idea  


When 2 hydrogen atoms meet they are joined  together

by a covalent bond. Each atom  then shares

 two electrons. This fills the space  around the atom,

 in the same way that the 2 electrons around a helium atom

do, and give the atom a hard outer shell.

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Hydrogen high energetic atom with long energetic  electron path come easy to contact with other atoms and created different valences.


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