Photon Motion

The motion of a Light Stream

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Charles Darwin managed to put together the puzzle presented before him by the living world. Wave theory is an attempt to do the same, where the puzzle is presented by the universe. For this reason, I am constantly updating the articles especially the ones regarding the photon (wave formation-quant). The majority of these updates stems from new findings, and is due to my constant effort to reach a true perception of nature. However, with that said, we are still far from finding out nature's secrets.


Let us revise the basic statements of wave theory, and its connection to photons:


1) The basis of wave theory is a complex form of energetic matter [condensed energy, time and space-virtual media] which can exist only in wave (quant) formation. This formation can take on an infinite number of forms. Our familiarity with these forms is constantly growing with the discovery of new empirical data.


2) Wave Theory states that an inherent trait of energetic matter, it's physiology in a way, is that it is in constant motion. Being so, each natural energetic matter formation is propelled by its own energy. This is true for energetic matter at all scales: from the tiniest scales to the those of galaxies, with the exception of living formations; these use the surrounding energy for their existence.


3) It further states that energetic matter always strives towards a state where it fills space. For example, after being condensed at the point of singularity in the center of a black hole, energetic matter is spewed out in discrete quants to form a galaxy [wave formation] which is formed by two semi-loops (similar to the form of a giant photon). Within these galaxies, stars, planets, and gaseous formations are formed. Each of these material formations disperses energy into space, once more. This process takes place mainly via radiation (photons – quant formation), seeing that each wave formation vibrates according to its size.The emitted waves vary in size, from short waves (x-ray) to very large waves (in the red regime), and beyond. As we know, different animals react to different parts of the spectrum. For instance, bats detect waves in the Ultra-Sonic, humans can detect waves in the visible regime, and snakes detect light in the red regime. However, it is not currently known how one can detect the giant waves from space, which form beyond the red regime.


4)  Wave theory states that energetic matter, due to the fact that it is in a constant superposition, has both pulling and pushing properties, which act simultaneously (see Chap. on Gravity).


5) The photon, despite it being the most fundamental expression of energetic matter (a virtual one), is a unique and sophisticated formation which has an infinite number of forms beyond our imagination, and is currently only starting to be investigated.


6) Every energetic matter formation has a natural symmetry (not exactly a symmetry by common terms), as a double semi-loop in wave formation, which is part magnetic (corpuscular) and part electric (wave). This is because these two parts form a closed path, along which energy flows. This is an essential duality of all natural energetic matter formation.


7) As stated, energetic matter, by its unidirectional, peculiar revolving and rotating motion, within its own energetic path, creates the wave formation. This wave formation is dominated by two behaviors, magnetic and electric. This movement itself is a beautiful expression of nature.

 In phase transitions this energetic matter moves in a revolving and a rotating motion. Yet the quant's structure (the wave formation's form) remains constant. The sole change that takes place is in the spatial proportions, between the magnetic and electric loop.



Naturally, to understand photon movement we must first become familiar with Wave Theory. Wave theory is best understood through the Hubble telescope pictures.


Pic 1:

The magnetic (gravitational) component of a hurricane's wave formation, with protruding arms.

Pic 2:


Pic 3:

Part of a swirl along an energetic path


The angle of the first picture offers a view of the perpendicular movement of energetic paths within the hurricane arms (the superposition of energetic matter, whose forward and spinning movement is reminiscent of the propeller of a plane).


Pic 4: An illustration of the explanation

Above, and of hurricane wave formation

Pic 5: swirls, in a Galaxy Pic 6: Galaxy M51, the energetic paths change their movement and behavior.


















The vortices (swirls) which are found in galactic arms are characteristic of all phase transition formations, from atoms to galaxies. The motion of Energetic Matter which is characterized by an energetic path and two distinct swirls is common to all these stable formations. This coincides with Einstein's idea, where both small scale and large scale formations have similar behavior.



 Pic 7: Small new vortices appear in   the arms of the magnetic semi-loop.


  (a)                         (b) 


  (c)     (d)      (e)


 (f)             (g)    


Pic 8 (a-g): Detail of energetic matter moving.



The energetic source depicted in pics. 8f & 8a is black because it is extremely energetic and swallows up light. It expels energetic matter in the form of packages (quants - photons). The size of these packages is dependent on the size of the energetic source, may it be light streams or galaxies.


After seeing all the above pictures, it appears as if there is little left to explain about the movement of photons.


Pic 9: Shape of a galactic formation

Pic 10: Galaxy M51



Energetic Matter is expelled from the point of singularity in a black hole, in the form of quants. These quants consequently form a closed wave formation of two semi-swirls ("galaxies"), along which the energy flows, as depicted in the above picture of Galaxy M51. This formation of two semi-swirls [wave formation] is common to all stable formations, from galaxies to atoms.


Pic 11: matter expels from BH singularity



An isolated photon of energetic matter immediately disperses into space, but in the form of a bundle [see pictures from United Nature Theory (2001): Dr. Chaim Tejman]. The magnetic loop preserves the structure of the bundle by ensuring that it does not dismember.

a b
Pic 12 (a-b): Bundle structure.  



The highly energetic path vibrates like a string throughout the energetic stream. As the energy proceeds in light stream, its magnetic semi-loop is perpendicular to its electric semi-loop. Wave Theory explains how all this transpires in nature.

Pic 13: Expelling from nebula


From telescopic pictures of a nebula the expelling of several rotating discs bound together by a cloud like substance is noticed (as depicted in above drawing). These discs shine as bright as stars. This observation triggered the thought that the motion of photons has a similar form.



Pic 13: Left to Right: An imaginative depiction of the manner in which a photon moves, The Quantified form is discrete as bits in the computer, The rotating motion of energetic matter in a moving photon, on the bottom of the right-hand side, are illustrations of positive and negative





Pic14: The movement of energetic matter that is aligned into stream of photons.



Scientists have long been able to describe how electricity flows through a wire. However, Wave Theory and the pictures from the Hubble Space telescope show how this occurs in nature.





Pic 15:


The picture below (pic 17) depicts moving energetic matter within DNA. It doesn't take much common sense to see that this form is like that of energetic matter waves (depicted above in pic. 15 and below in pic 16).


Pic 16: Motion of energetic matter 

 Pic 17: Motion of energetic matter in DNA



Pic 17: These pictures depict the light stream and it's reflection from a surface (left), where red is the direction of motion of electric semi-loops, and blue is the perpendicular magnetic semi-loops. Within the light stream there are opposing directions, due to the magnetic semi-loops. That is the reason why the reversal of directions via reflection is at the same angle.


This article is one of many to come in a series regarding the photon. This is due to the fact that the photon (wave formation) is the fundamental stable formation of energetic matter, and will be continuously researched, as long as mankind exists.




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