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The energy of a water drop which falls into water is dispersed in the formation of a wave, and each new wave is an exact Quant of the previous wave. Each quant is composed of an energetic semi-loop and a magnetic semi-loop.


Energetic semi-loop + Magnetic semi-loop=wave formation (quant). This formation has the form of a natural symmetry (quant constant)as in the following picture from space.


Natural symmetry








The energy of each wave (quants) equals the previous wave. This energy disperses in the manner of wave formation as explained by the second law of thermodynamics (see relevant chapter in Wave Theory).

According to wave theory, energy within the wave formation must be constant. However, according to the second law (see Wave Theory) energy disperses to space by phase transition, mainly from the energetic semi-loop. This dispersed energy increases the space of the electric loop. Meanwhile, the magnetic semi-loop increases in rotational frequency (see Phase Transitions- Wave Theory), so that the total energy of a quant remains the same, even though proportions between the semi-loops of energetic matter change in time.

According to Wave Theory the Equation of Gravity is as following:



energetic matter


Or in another form:

Quant of

Energetic Matter




These equations above are equivalent to A.Einstein and M.Planck's infamous equations:

E=MC2 = M 300,0002 km/sec2


(Energy) ~ M (Gravity) 300,000 km (Space) / sec (Time)


Where h=Energetic semi-loop, and ν=Magnetic semi-loop.


All the above equations are linked to Schrödinger's equation:



I know that Wave Theory requires a considerable amount of common sense, however, the Physics of the 21'st century is in a sense virtual physics, therefore to understand it and to form the right connections, one must understand the behavior of Energetic Matter.


The proportion of energy, space and time in wave formation (quant) are constant !

By phase transition wave formation (quant) changes its space formation.

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