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Introduction to Cloud Formations
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The cirrocumulus clouds, which are small and puffy and are found at an elevation of between 17,000-18,000 feet, are another prominent illustration of wave structure (picture, below-left). In these types of clouds, the energetic matter creates chain formations (picture, below-right).

DNA is similarly aligned in chain-like wave patterns (picture, right). This proves that all energetic matter, both organic and inorganic formations, is governed by the same rules . In other words, there is but one energetic matter that creates everything — vast and minute entities alike — by means of its two swirls (vortex). All these structures are aligned in an identical formation, and are only distinguished by the extent of their ability to utilize energy from their surroundings to create an infinite array of living formations, which can take infinite forms. Therefore, there is a lucid correlation between the behavior of water and its role as the creator of life.

Another important phenomenon that is indicative of the highly-energetic properties of cloud formations are the transparent (apparently empty) space in their middle (picture, left). This putative void stems from the energy that pushes the particles to the sides. It is not merely empty space, as small feather like formations have been observed that point inward towards the direction in which the energy is heading (picture, right).

As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, energetic matter created and creates everything, and water is but one of its many vital manifestations. The circulation of water, which takes place wherever water exists, is thus the most crucial factor in the formation of "life creations."

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