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Why Sex?
A response to the article “Everything you always wanted to know about sex” that appeared in the June edition of Focus magazine (no. 127, June 2003).

Wave Theory and Gender

The June edition of Focus magazine provides readers with a comprehensive survey on sex and the reproductive process. Far be it from me to compete with this beautiful work, but I do want to raise several issues that appear in my natural theory on the universe: wave theory.

In essence this work is not a theory but fact. Similar to the works of Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Faraday, and Darwin, it is grounded on scientific evidence. It merely offers an observation of evident natural behaviors. Any individual that reads the theory is gradually drawn into our wonderful world and comprehends its principles.

Alternatively, Einstein was a pioneer in that he was able to come up with his remarkable ideas without any empirical backing. My work relies on the many of Einstein’s groundbreaking efforts.

According to wave theory, energetic (basic) matter is a mercurial “living” formation (entity). In its first stable formation it takes the form of a wave with two competing swirls: an energetic-electric loop and a magnetic-energetic loop. There cannot be a more ingenuous formation!! It exists throughout the universe and has been made accessible to the public by the wonderful advances in astronomy and the pictures that scientists have produced (as outlined in my book and website). Although these two loops are in a state of constant completion, they cannot exist separately!

The electric loop is reminiscent of male behavior: it expands and attempts to escape and latch on to other waves. Inversely, the magnetic loop is stable and it attempts to maintain the integrity of the wave formation by endeavoring to thwart the electric loop’s efforts to disengage. Ultimately, the energetic loop disperses and thus abandons the magnetic loop in the process. The smaller magnetic loops are swept up by larger formations, and huge loops, like a supernova, explode and the released energy subsequently form new wave formations.

As such, the two-loop wave structure is the fundamental formation of matter and the basis of EVERY behavior of energetic matter. Two loops can even maintain their link from great distances and are capable of retaining their partnership in the face of considerable change. These ingenious qualities and behaviors are the cornerstone of basic energetic matter.

This structure dates back to the creation of the universe and will persevere until the universe’s ultimate destruction. By virtue of its utilization of different phase transitions, this two-loop formation allows various formations to appear and exist in a free or independent fashion in variations that go beyond our wildest imaginations. DNA’s double helix is a classic example of this dual formation, as it is simultaneously possesses both organic and inorganic features within its formation (structure). In fact, every natural wave formation — be it organic or inorganic — is a sophisticated living formation! All aberrations from the dual formation (such as a single wave) are condemned to extinction.

The work appears as a book, United Nature Theory (2001), and subsequent articles. Although my theory has yet to penetrate into the ivory tower of the mainstream academia, my website has attracted over 330,000 hits. The theory has thus made considerable inroads into the general public and has attracted responses from quite a few members of the scientific community.

It is obviously of vital importance to conduct scores of natural experiments in order to understand our world. However, I contend that science must not — in any way, shape, or form — intervene with the ways of nature. Given the fact that we are only beginning to understand the sophisticated behavior of energetic matter’s formations, any attempt to meddle with the natural course of events is liable to end in disaster.

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Dr. Chaim Tejman, Copyright© 2003. All rights reserved.