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Origin of life (formations)

Life formation appears in every suitable condition, in all places and all the time. Nature (energetic matter) by itself is a living mercurial active formation.


Tejman Chaim, Henry Dr

United nature theory – wave theory, the theory of everything


Einstein's dream of unified field equation that can unify all forces. He has done that!!! By his equation  which is complete quantum formation like M. Plank's quantum, A. Einstein's gravitational wave and C. Tejman's wave formations that are only synonyms of this ingenious nature formation, quantum that is the basic creation for everything.

This closed gravitational wave formation (quantum) contain all forces include gravitational (force) electric and ,magnetic forces, strong and weak forces and include life formations and only nature explain her sophisticated behavior and those ingenious Newton  Faraday Maxwell, Plank, Einstein and others equations.,

United Nature Theory is the theory of nature ingenious sophisticated behavior that by observation and new scientific works unites all disciplines of science and all creations of universe including our life and even our thought.


In 2001 I published my first book United nature theory, concluding fifty years of work, these retrospective led me to the conclusion that the basic structure of everything is quantum (Max Planck) photon (Albert Einstein) and wave formation (Chaim Tejman), composed by two semi-loops and connected by energetic path. One semi-loop has energetic properties like Kerr's swirls and the second has magnetic properties like Schwarzschild's swirls. That is sophisticated wave particle (de Broglie) creation and resembles the first famous experiment of Faraday.

Galaxy M-51

         Faraday's experiment


In 1927, Georges Lemaitre published his Big bang theory describing the universe creation by 'explosion' of …? See Wave theory. That evoked serious discussions in all social circles. This idea was brilliant for the religious community and also was accepted by scientific community.


From the beginning of the universe this maximum condensed energetic matter tried to escape again to space by different phase transition and evolution of every quant formation inside the universe. That same rule appears inside every smallest quantum formation. Because energetic matter is living mercurial wildest behavior so one quantum formation is not exactly the same to the sister like formation and that is the reason that even siblings are not 100% alike.

The evolution of the Universe is the most ingenious and sophisticated creation of the MASTERPIECE

In its entire outcomes quantum, wave formation has the same behavior as the main creator.

Wave theory-United nature theory describes nature like Darwin’s work.   I write this theory after 150 years with new discoveries and I will begin from the Big bang, the creation of our quantum “universe”. Our quantum universe is only a small part of this virtual sophisticated endless still riddle universe.

Relaying on all the discoveries from various disciplines I can associate all the findings from nature including, physics and chemistry to show the evolution of the universe.

 I know that the problem of evolution will be very controversial but I try to address it because this is the basic behavior of the universe. Every quantum formation (wave particle) as double helix has two semi-loops formation. Most of the living world is accepted as asexual formations but every formation must (!!!) have this double helix that means - two semi-loops. which promotes evolution of organic formations (See Darwin's work: evolution of the species). Inorganic formation outcome is evolution by phase transition, but the organic formation outcome evolution, by introduce of energetic matter (energetic semi-loop) to her (magnetic semi -loop) for division. The energetic semi-loop can be solar energy, deep vents energy, water energy, earth energy etc. endless force of energetic matter. See Darwin's work: The origin of species by means of natural selection and natural selection by survival of the fittest.)

In 4/5/2004 I have lectured in the Hebrew university of Jerusalem about my, United nature theory. Scientifically per se  I didn’t expect that this theory , like Darwin’s which is refused by religious sects) will be accepted by religious circles.

I was surprised that religious schools which rejected Darwin’s notion of evolution accept my theory which refers to the universe creation from the beginning and was accepted with enthusiasm. These ideas are popular among some religious circles especially kabalistic since the most are related to energetic matter and the important equation in my theory was Einstein’s equation.

This energy is the basic idea of the kabala.

As a scientist I do not endorse the total separation of religion and science because 90% or more of the world's population is a believing people among them are the greatest scientists. In my opinion Lamarck's and Darwin's works and my nature unified theory not collide with religious believes because they are only beginning to understand this wonderful ingenious Masterpiece creation as the universe.

We always can exist in peace and respect each other.

We know about the struggles between scientific circles and scientific institutions among themselves the same problem exists between religious sects and is not unique to scientific and religious circles. That is a problematic issue, it is induced by power struggles and this creation is still not understood to us and that is the reason that there is not any value to the war between science and religious.

According to Einstein’s General relativity the universe has started by the wavy celestial fabrics  by “space time curvature” (like Casimir's force) and wave theory adds that those curvatures created by condensed matter that create formations like nebulas and black holes. This energetic matter is a constant living and moving formation.   Black hole in its most condensed formation singularity) expel quantum of energetic matter similar to .Plank’s black body radiation. This is quantum – photon and according to, United nature theory is composed of two components, two semi-loops as nature shows in its full glorious shine.


Quantum's gravitational waves

It is unnecessary to convince people, because only a hint of common sense is needed to see that every quantum formation is a couple dualities.

Those primary formations that appeared after the Big bang, (quantum) independent wave formation clearly show two formations.

From the beginning of our universe it appears that duality is a wave particle (de Broglie) - couple formation.

  In the last century, the issue of universe research was undertaken by physicists, dedicated to quantum mechanics which per se is an ingenious part of physics but the universe however, is quantum formation and all formations as (Einstein predicted) not mechanic formations involve natural beautiful rules, and physics is one  discipline of natural sciences.


From the pictures above we see that duality couple double helix, sex) is from the beginning of the universe after the Big bang. Every formation in all phase transitions (evolution) have this basic duality structure.
In inorganic formations example (atoms) the proton and neutron are together in one gravitational wave. in galaxies above also this energetic and magnetic semi loops are associated and energy circulate between them in energetic paths. The energetic has masculine properties and disperse easily in space and easily associates with other formations but magnetic semi loop has storing properties enabling the maintenance of wave quantum) formation-couple. This semi magnetic loop life is longer (see my work "Why do woman live longer?")


Galaxy M-51



Everything small or large formation must have the same quantum formation (the never-ending discussion between Planck and Einstein).

United nature theory, by all researches and space laboratory explain that the main media – "the space" is moving mercurial constantly living media ingenious unbelievable of the masterpiece creation that rules every created formation who has origins from the beginning of the universe including the living formation and this virtual space is still beyond our imagination


Anymore of humanity believe that the universe was created from nothing and that is the biggest goal for science explain the universe creation and religious explains that in words that everyone can understand.


Quran Chapter: 21, Verse: 30


Have not "those who disbelieve" known heavens and earth were of one piece We parted them and, We made every living thing of water, Will they not then believe?



Do not the disbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together, then We parted them. And We made from water every living thing. Will they not believe?


Surah Al-Anbiya 21:30)


Most of us involved in Ch'an, Zen or Buddhism know that the word Ch'an is a ... or Primordial Cosmic Breath that triggers Cosmic Manifestation or Genesis.



Buddhist Schools: Ch'an / Zen Founder: Bodhidharma



This formation, two semi-loops spaces, which includes all spaces directions, by energetic motion creates everything include of different life formations that this wild energetic matter with wild motion can create, but always obey his energetic matter rules) in a quant’s form. Watson and Craig their ingenious intuition gave the idea to call DNA a "Double Helix" without knowing that has a double energetic swirl formation – (one complete quantum) and that was the reason that Rosaline Franklin couldn’t understand why there are two directions of matter flow in its roentgen pictures.

Both Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in his 1809 work: "Philosophie Zoologique" and Charles Darwin in his 1859 work: "The Origin Of Species") had started their work from the living creatures, but the Wave Theory explains that the creation of the living universe is the origin of life from the beginning and that is the marvelous creation of the masterpiece.


Motion of energetic matter in galaxies formation:


Motion of energetic matter in DNA formation (red: energetic paths; blue: magnetic paths)







Magnetic flow (Blue) 

Electricity flow in wire Electric flow (Red)




Electric matter flow in DNA formations.

The most important for living formations are closed organic formations like cyclohexane, Condensed energetic matter inside this formation in liquid condition gives it possibilities for detachment from ground and to be free in liquid which is a lonely energetic formation and by Brownian motion can circulate in the liquid medium.

Electric matter flow in DNA formations.

The most important for living formations are closed organic formations like cyclohexane, Condensed energetic matter inside this formation in liquid condition gives it possibilities for detachment from ground and to be free in liquid which is a lonely energetic formation and by Brownian motion can circulate in the liquid medium.


This gives it the opportunity to meet with the same formations and create colonies which together can absorb more energy and according to natures law to be stronger. However every colonial formation quantum formation can absorb a certain energetic matter and the rest expel in form sister formations.

Energy comes from the sun or surrounding. If it is from the sun it absorbs maximum quantum energy during daylight, at night when there is no energetic input the inner formations is set into structural formations. This is the reason that in daylight solar energy organic formations self create while at night time they like rest but utilize this energy to colony different organelle formation.


Sex- when the colonies expand and grow to enhance energy, pseudopodia are sent to the environment that along evolution separated in order to bring energy to the basic formations with time creating separate sexes. They muscular sex has an energetic semi-loop while the feminine sex (magnetic semi-loop) holds the energy. They always have those two semi-loops and by different manipulation  the energetic matter(energetic semi-loop) is introduce to magnetic semi-loop (soma) formation which, by surplus of energetic matter divide (like an explosion of wave formation).


I would like to mention that all life creation is quantum formation resembling primary formation; this is described in the following pictures.


Photos taken from space, some celestial pictures are like ovum divisions and all quantum formation has the same initial quantum behavior.

That is hard to distinguish between space creations and "living" formations.

Only one force and his quantum formation rule everything.


Metaphase stage:














Anaphase stage:















Morula stage:










Blastula stage:










Explanation to the pictures:


Metaphase stage:

Picture 1: Ring Nebula M 27. Picture 2: M 27. Picture 3: Monoceratos. Picture 4: Nebula NGC. 7742. Picture 13:  Butterfly Nebula P. 112/3


Anaphase stage:

Picture 7: Supernova 1572. Picture 8: Cats eye.


Morula stage:

Picture 1: Trifid Nebula NAC 6814. Picture 2: Hen Nebula 1357.


Blastula stage:

Picture 1: N.1512. Picture 2: The Hoag Ring Galaxy.


The evolution of the Universe is the greatest ingenious and sophisticated creation of the masterpiece.

Evolution of inorganic formation outcomes by phase transitions and evolution of organic formation outcome by natural selection-Darwin and adaptation to nature by Lamarck theory.



The natural behavior of the energetic matter is, constant, wild, mercurial and living activity in its  quantum formation that is the reason that one formation is not exactly to the second, and that is the reason that the next generation of a living formation is not exactly as its mother formation. Adaptation to natural surround by different ways of living formations is the main state for survival (Lamarck's and Darwin's evolution ideas).

In every place in Quantum Universe where are suitable conditions appears life creations which are beyond our imagination.



© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry  august 2006





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