Chapter 7 - Wave Theory and Magnetism

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Einstein’s dream was to unite electromagnetism, gravity and space in a united field theory.

The next three illustrations explain that magnetism, space, gravity and electricity are creations of the same energetic matter. Faraday’s experiment demonstrated that moving a magnet in and out of a wire coil creates electric movement (energy) in the coil, with no direct contact. The energy of the work - moving the magnet - is transferred to the coil (picture to the right). By changing the magnetic field direction (by moving the magnet in and out of the coil), we change the energetic flow direction. This indicates that the direction the flow of energetic matter in loops always creates energetic waves with the same magnetic and energetic flow direction. The same matter, with the same behaviour, exists in every creation.

Adding energy enlarges the energetic space (picture below, left). If a weight is attached to a magnet, the energy of the magnet will work against gravity and pull the weight upward (below, right). For a fuller discussion, see the chapter on gravity.

We can trace the cycle of this invisible energetic matter as it is transferred from nature to our bodies, enabling us to do work (to move the magnet) and transfer the energy to the coil, which generates electrical energy, etc.

Inside the wire coil (loop), the magnet acts like a magnetic loop. A moving magnet generates an electromagnetic current in a wire coil. At every point in the coil, there exists a magnetic and an energetic field, indicating that an energetic current has two components and that an electrical current always generates a magnetic field. A weak magnetic field, however, generates an electrical current that is barely measurable. If we do not move the magnet, we do not add energy, and an energetic flow outside the magnet is not generated. Nevertheless, the circulation of energetic matter inside the magnet is not interrupted. Magnetic properties can be maintained for a long period, but an energetic force disperses after movement. The addition of energy from an external source causes the magnet to move, generate a current and disperse energy back to nature.

This demonstrates the nature of energetic matter. Energy can only be stored by creating a closed wave with a magnetic loop (picture below). Wave theory explains the nature of a closed electric current. Energy flows in an energetic loop (wire), but it must be connected to a magnetic loop that transmits energetic matter from an external generator. To create electricity, we need a closed formation of magnetic and energetic components. The magnetic part transmits energy through its space, which is temporarily enlarged. In a saturated magnetic loop, its properties remain active for some time because its closed circulation slowly releases excess energy.

This picture illustrates the energetic and magnetic relationships of different formations. Magnetic matter surrounds a coil in which energetic matter circulates perpendicular to the energy flow, as in wave formations. This invisible field (force) exists. In a wave formation, the magnetic loop is proportional to the energetic swirl at the moment of its creation. The energetic loop may be changeable, but its magnetic loop remains stable.

Stroking an iron bar with a magnet magnetizes the bar, enlarging its energetic space by adding energetic matter. We transfer energy to the bar, which must accept it and cannot transfer it. It cannot enlarge its waves, and can enlarge its energetic space only temporarily. We can measure the additional energy enlarging the bar’s magnetic field.

Energetic matter added to a magnet that has lost most of its charge adds energy to “old” atoms and molecules, enlarges their energetic path and re-establishes bonds between them. As energetic matter cannot rest, it escapes; the bonds break again and the magnet returns to its previous state. For energetic matter to exist, it must maintain a closed swirl formation of circulating energy.

The illustration to your right shows the flow of energetic matter in a horseshoe magnet. The metal shavings align themselves along invisible paths, forming a closed energetic flow.

Metals that lose energy maintain magnetic properties. Although their energetic loops disperse energy, their magnetic loops hold it strongly. Their molecules lose energetic space and become more condensed, as does their peripheral energetic space. Energetic paths are shortened. By adding energy, we renew and enlarge the energetic loops’ space. The molecules bond in the energetic paths, enlarging the object’s energetic and magnetic space.

When a magnet breaks in two, each piece becomes a magnet. We can continue thus breaking and creating more magnets forever (picture below). This is a classic example of the infinite nature of energetic matter, space and time.

Magnetism is an ingenious creation of energetic matter. This force creates an opposite force. They compete in every formation and are the basis of everything in the universe. Every change in energetic formations is the result of energetic activity, which connects Darwin’s and Einstein’s ideas and quantum theories. We are just beginning to understand the behaviour of energetic matter, which leaves me with more questions than answers.

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