Chapter 7 - Wave Theory and Magnetism

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Einstein’s dream was to unite electromagnetism, gravity and space in a united field theory.

The next three illustrations explain that magnetism, space, gravity and electricity are creations of the same energetic matter. Faraday’s experiment demonstrated that moving a magnet in and out of a wire coil creates electric movement (energy) in the coil, with no direct contact. The energy of the work - moving the magnet - is transferred to the coil (picture to the right). By changing the magnetic field direction (by moving the magnet in and out of the coil), we change the energetic flow direction. This indicates that the direction the flow of energetic matter in loops always creates energetic waves with the same magnetic and energetic flow direction. The same matter, with the same behaviour, exists in every creation.

Adding energy enlarges the energetic space (picture below, left).If a weight is attached to a magnet, the energy of the magnet will work against gravity and pull the weight upward (below, right). For a fuller discussion, see the chapter on gravity.

We can trace the cycle of this invisible energetic matter as it is transferred from nature to our bodies, enabling us to do work (to move the magnet) and transfer the energy to the coil, which generates electrical energy, etc.

Inside the wire coil (loop), the magnet acts like a magnetic loop. A moving magnet generates an electromagnetic current in a wire coil. At every point in the coil, there exists a magnetic and an energetic field, indicating that an energetic current has two components and that an electrical current always generates a magnetic field. A weak magnetic field, however, generates an electrical current that is barely measurable. If we do not move the magnet, we do not add energy, and an energetic flow outside the magnet is not generated. Nevertheless, the circulation of energetic matter inside the magnet is not interrupted. Magnetic properties can be maintained for a long period, but an energetic force disperses after movement. The addition of energy from an external source causes the magnet to move, generate a current and disperse energy back to nature.

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