Chapter 9
Wave Theory and the Universe

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Nature follows the law of simplicity in the creation and behaviour of all its formations, big and small. Very complex formations are built of simple bonds and relationships.

The primary formation was a simple energetic swirl, swirling inward and contracting until the Big Bang occurred. From the resulting nebula, quarks formed and eventually organized into an ingenious “simple” formation: a wave with two swirls and two paths.

The primal force after the Big Bang was a strong pushing energetic force, from which a Schwarzschild swirl, a weaker, pulling magnetic force, was derived. Since then, these two forces and their behaviours dominate all energetic formations:

1. A strong, main, and pushing (inflating) energetic force, that with its swirling movement pushes outward and pushes inward — thereby creating a swirl, which pulls inward (picture below).
2. A weaker magnetic pulling force that is created by the energetic force — simultaneously part of it yet in continuous competition with it.

The generation of the magnetic force by the energetic force is indeed the most ingenious of nature’s creations. These forces maintain the stable structure of energetic formations.

The following picture illustrates the action of energetic forces. For further explanations, please see the chapters on photons and quarks.

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