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Mysteries of the Creation of the Universe: Riddle #1

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This section will attempt to shed some light on some of the more puzzling mysteries of our universe by applying the principles of Wave Theory.

In hyperspace, all time is multi-focal and comprised of condensed swirls of energetic matter (as per Einstein’s idea of space condensation). These swirls produce nebulas, black holes, quasars, and other formations, which then form wave formations — especially galaxies — that continue to create other formations. In this manner — as well as via disintegration — energy returns to hyperspace and thus completes the life cycle.

All these entities are virtual in the sense that they are constantly undergoing phase transitions; in other words, they are never at rest. Consequently, virtual hyperspace is borderless, with neither a beginning nor an end. Moreover, time is absolute (in accordance with Newton), but its internal components are temporary and contain relative units of time (as per Einstein).

The creation of our universe is sophisticated beyond our wildest imagination. It thus goes without saying that much more research is needed before we can even approach a lucid understanding of its wonderful ways.

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