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Wave Theory and Gender: Why Sex?

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The physiological and functional differences between male and female have been a source for debate since the dawn of civilization. In the modern age, some scholars claim that the lone distinction between the sexes involves their role in the reproductive process. Notwithstanding the copious amount of philosophical dialogue over this issue, the procreative dimension must be separated from the political discourse, as the issue of reproduction is exclusively a scientific matter that pertains to the natural behavior of energetic matter. Wave theory represents the first clear explanation for this argument by introducing the wave as the first formation to appear after the Big Bang. Consequently, the blueprint of the wave formation — as well as the human race — contains a magnetic and an electric loop (see picture).

Pulling and gravitation, which resemble basic feminine traits, are the dominant properties of the magnetic loop. Consequently, magnetic loops have a capacity for storing energy and act to maintain the structural integrity of the entire wave formation. The electronic/energetic loop consists of expanding properties that disperse energetic matter that “disappears” into space. This is synonymous with masculine characteristics.

Energetic matter initially creates energetic (electric) swirls, which then form a secondary magnetic swirl. Together, both elements comprise the stable wave formation (see wave theory). This is a formidable and beautiful structure in which energy flows in a circular path. Gradually, this ingenious creation disintegrates due to the dispersal of energy from its energetic loop. The magnetic loop is abandoned and is incapable of forming a new wave on its own.

However, magnetic loops that procure energy are capable of creating new wave formations. For example, astronomical observations show huge magnetic stars (which explode, apparently due to an energetic imbalance) creating new life formations: such as supernova explosions; seeds that develop into produce by dint of the sun’s energy; and the transfer of energy from the male sperm to the female ovary, which causes the development of a complete (perfect) formation.

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