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Introduction to Cancer
November 3, 2003

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Despite the abundance of attention that cancer has attracted, it continues to constitute one of the deadliest scourges of the modern era. Wave theory proposes a revolutionary approach to understanding cancer, which may help solve this lethal riddle.

According to wave theory, living, mercurial energetic matter configured as a wave formation creates everything, including DNA — which is itself a sophisticated, living highly energetic wave. The DNA subsists and replicates by continuously absorbing energy. New strands of DNA similarly share from the surrounding energy. Occasionally, an excess amount of energy, which for various reasons can be neither “digested” nor expelled, results in super-energetic DNA. These paradoxically parasitic, super life formations voraciously suck in energy in a manner that resembles the most virulent viruses to the extent that they destroy everything else in their vicinity, including the original host. In fact, it is these super-energetic DNA formations that we refer to as cancer.

There are many types of cancer: from benign tumors that engage in symbiotic relations with their hosts to extremely malignant, high-energy forms that exterminate their host and themselves. Cancer is dependent on its specific location in the body, which dictates the virulence of the particular cancer. Different organelles in the cell are capable of producing cancerous growths, all of which adhere to the same basic principles of nature (behavior of energetic matter).

Although it appears to be a rather simple and natural wave formation, DNA is quite sophisticated, and we currently lack an understanding of its exact behavior or characteristics. Nevertheless, we do know that DNA is responsible for the creation of perhaps the most sophisticated of creatures: the human being. However, nature has also engendered cancer formations, as well as other lethal phenomenon.

This attack from within apparently stems from our attempts to interfere with nature. We assume that we have the uninhibited right to dominate and alter nature for our own needs. This is mankind’s gravest error. For millions of years we lived in a close symbiosis with nature, but for the last 150 years we have arrogantly tampered with the very source of our existence. Cancer is nature’s lightly veiled hint that the time has come to reevaluate our attitude to the environment and our treatment of the earth’s natural resources.

Wave theory, which is based on observations of nature, provides a roadmap that will help researchers navigate the extensive knowledge that they have already produced in order to develop an effective treatment for this lethal natural creation. However, we will only defeat the terrible scourge of cancer by resorting to a harmonious relationship with nature.

Dr. Chaim Tejman, Copyright© 2003. All rights reserved.