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Cancer: Autoimmune Diseases
December 1, 2003


Living energetic matter aligned as a wave formation strongly resembles the primary formations of the universe. It is indeed the formation of life (see pictures below), as even DNA formations are configured in this manner. It is only logical, then, that a thorough understanding of energetic matter’s inner workings will lead us to a comprehensive understanding of autoimmune diseases and the development of effective treatments.

Photon (wave formation)

Sequence disturbing the circulation of energy

As discussed in earlier papers, cancer is essentially the failure to complete a closed wave formation, whereby unrestrained accumulations of energy engender cancerous bodies, reminiscent of natural black holes, which devour everything in their vicinity.

Compared with cancer, the damage to DNA segments caused by autoimmune diseases is less severe, but the immune system nevertheless attempts to neutralize the aberration from its DNA sequence as if it were a foreign body. During this process, however, the body actually harms its own DNA formation. Since the repair or replacement of a faulty DNA sequence is primarily dependent on RNA research that is yet to be completed, current treatments attempt to prevent antibodies from attacking their own organism. These procedures use cortisone and other treatments to remove the disease, but they cause the body harm.

Coping with energetic matter is an extremely complicated affair, and wave theory provides the best approach to this highly-sophisticated, ubiquitous entity. One productive step that can be implemented immediately is the preparation of genome cards for every newborn child containing all the pertinent genetic information: such as blood types, stem cells, and other vital statistics that can be taken from the umbilical chord. Perhaps, genetic engineering can provide us with a natural approach to autoimmune diseases. Moreover, salutary nutrition habits are also significant factors in the prevention of such diseases.

Admittedly, wave theory does not offer any tangible cures. It mainly provides a theoretical framework for understanding many of the terrible autoimmune diseases and other scourges that afflict mankind. But without groundbreaking ideas no advances can be made. I thus urge the medical community to put these ideas to work.

Dr. Chaim Tejman, Copyright© 2003. All rights reserved.