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The NGC 2207 and IC 2163 Galaxies

Binary galaxies — Wave Formation

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Those gazing into the distant skies at the two neighboring galaxies NGC 2207 and IC 2163, which are ostensibly on a collision course with each other, bear witness to the quintessential example of a wave formation. These two galaxies comprise ONE WAVE formation that is composed of two swirls: one energetic/electric (Kerr swirl) and the second magnetic (Schwarzchild swirl). There can hardly be a more beautiful example of a wave formation.

The two loops (swirls) remain in a constant state of competition. This perseveres until the formation’s ultimate destruction, when the energetic loop (swirl) disperses into space and the magnetic loop (swirl) explodes as a supernova and forms a new life cycle. According to wave theory, the energetic loop is continuously trying to escape and release its energy into space. Correspondingly, the magnetic loop attempts to preserve the wave’s integrity and prevent the energetic wave’s departure. Each of the loops is thus involved in promoting its own independent objectives. However, their shared energetic matter flows in both formations via their common path. The section of the path that runs through a particular swirl has a different energetic configuration. Consequently, each of the two loops of the single wave structure of energetic matter possesses unique behaviors. This sparkling astronomical spectacle truly exhibits the raw power of energetic matter as well as the natural fervor of energetic activity.

Notwithstanding these wild characteristics, the galaxies are not dispersed throughout the universe in a chaotic manner. They reside along the universe’s energetic paths, such as its solar or atomic paths. Every galaxy rotates together with the universe along its own energetic paths. This manner of energetic behavior continues during all lower phase transitions, for example stars (binary stars), planets, atoms, and living formations. It includes human beings and even our very thoughts, which constitute energetic wave formations (see the chapter on Life).

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