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Astronomy: Proof to Wave Theory

[Part I][Part II][NGC 2207 and IC 2163 Galaxies]

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In this article, I will attempt to present wave theory’s ideas in a manner that corresponds to the approach and scientific lexicon of current astrophysics.
(See Equations)

1. Everything is the universe is formed by wave formations (two loops), which can be as large as the universe or as small as a wave that merges with space.

2. Every wave, both large and small, is a rigid formation whose components are connected by dark matter. In fact, every signal that is transmitted on a vast universal scale is instantaneously communicated to every other location in our universe and to other universes as well. This concept is difficult to fathom, but it must be true — otherwise the universe would lose its stability and plunge into chaos.

3. The wave is governed by hierarchical laws. Its size and power depends on its internal energetic swirl (for example, the black holes of galaxies), which is the heart of the life formation.

All waves are composed of energetic matter — shinning and dark “rings.” For example, the universe contains galactic paths/rings that are composed of solar paths/galactic arms, and the solar waves are composed of planetary paths. Solar and planetary paths are rigid formations, as is every constellation. Each wave is connected by energetic paths and dark matter to the adjacent waves in its phase (transition) and with neighboring waves from the energetic paths of both higher and lower phase transitions.

4. Energetic signals between identical energetic formations that share a common energetic path phase are the strongest and most rigid. Consequently, the signals are transferred immediately. The links between waves in different formations are weaker and distance also impacts the signal’s quality. For example, the universe interacts best with other universes, as do galaxies with other galaxies. However, waves that are not located along the main path are relatively more independent.

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