Predictions and Proofs: Gravitation

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Despite the fact that Newton formulated the fundamental laws on gravitation and Einstein enhanced our understanding of this matter even further, to this day gravitation constitutes a problem for scientists. Wave theory claims that energetic matter only exists in closed energetic formations: wave formations are composed of both a pushing energetic loop (swirl) and a pulling magnetic loop (swirl). These swirls are in a constant state of both competition and superposition in vast and minute formations alike.

Energetic matter is apparently a living mercurial formation. Since energetic and magnetic loops are in constant competition, gravitation in any particular location is mutable. Waves are in a state of superposition, but each one maintains its own space. Experiments may yet prove that the wave formation is in fact a living behavior (see picture).

Perhaps, light vibrations are caused by successive pushing and pulling properties (see the upper-left picture above). In the future, scientists may be able to discern these vibrations with highly sensitive scales or other measuring utensils.

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