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Hurricane, Vortex, Tornado, and Tropical Storms


Wave Theory, which purports to be able to solve all problems, also provides theoretical solutions to coping and even benefiting from hurricanes, tornadoes, and other assorted natural disasters..

During hurricanes, trees are not toppled over in the same direction, as would be expected, but fall in the opposite direction of their neighbouring tree (picture below). This indicates that an electrical charge is involved, and that hurricanes are essentially energetic storms. Due to the fact that Wave Theory deals with energetic matter, it stands to reason that it explains the phenomenon of hurricanes as well. Since we already understand the fundamental properties of energetic elements, we can thus start searching for ways to cope with these afflictions.

A hurricane wave contains a phenomenal amount of energy, which accumulates over time and is released as an independent wave. In fact, one hurricane contains more energy than millions of barrels of oil. I believe that a combination of my theory and engineering expertise can be mobilized to find a way in which to utilize this massive amount of available energy for human needs. In fact, I optimistically believe that this can be accomplished within a very short period of time.

(The Nebula is based on photos taken by a sophisticated telescope, and the Hurricane is based on computer-generated illustrations.)

This is a simple yet intricate phenomenon. For a better understanding, you are cordially invited to read a more detailed account in my book.

Hurricanes are but one example of ways in which Wave Theory can be applied to reach practical solutions.

Dr. Chaim Tejman, Copyright© 2001. All rights reserved.

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