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Astronomy: Dark Matter — Part I
(Invisible Matter, Cold Matter, Expanding Matter or Pushing Matter)

[Part II][Proof of Wave Theory][NGC 2207 and IC 2163 Galaxies]

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Absolutely everything is created by wave formations, which are the product of a single type of energetic matter. The wave formation can exist on different energetic levels (phase transitions), and every wave consists of dark and shinning energetic matter. (see wave theory). This flexibility and the links between its loops are utilized by the wave formation to create everything in the universe.

It is only logical to assume that the universe was forged from one particular material. Even if we were to consider the option that the coveted entity is comprised of several elements, we can hardly avoid the question of what preceded them. Consequently, we must ultimately reach the conclusion that one single medium was ultimately involved. The nature of this entity must be determined in order to resolve the questions and speculations that wave theory (my Grand Unified Theory) has been subjected to.

Although the notion of a wave theory was raised by different scientists over the years, I offer a unique explanation. Most of the other studies are almost entirely physics-oriented. In contrast, my ideas apply a more multi-disciplinary approach to the subject, which takes into account research from a wide array of fields: physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, genetics, and more. After all, we are dealing with nature, which includes everything.

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