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Astronomy: Dark Matter — Part II

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Humans are still unable to perceive the mysterious dark matter, which is widely heralded as the glue that prevents our universe from falling apart. While the first article is still valid and provides much insight, the decipherment of gravitation necessitates another look at dark matter. Wave theory contends that solar prominences are essentially magnetic waves (see article on Gravitation). This fact, together with the theory’s other principles, provides many long sought answers on the mysterious phenomena of dark matter.

Energetic prominences emerge from every energetic formation in the form of gravitational (magnetic) waves, including the magnificent auroras that illuminate the polar sky and the brain and heart’s own magnetic waves that are measured by electroencephalogram (EEG) and electrocardiogram (ECG) technologies.
In my opinion, the entire universe is a single, epic wave formation with an energetic source at its center. The universe is replete with magnetic loops that start from the center and dart out to the periphery. These loops maintain the structural integrity of the universe, as well as the loops’ own internal structures, and constitute what is referred to as dark matter.

Dark matter is produced by concentrations of energetic matter. The large concentrations of magnetic matter that are found at the outer borders of huge galaxies indicate that dark matter also appears as prominences. These flares ascend from their source in the form of an energetic path. Upon reaching their peak, energetic swirls are formed; thereafter, the prominences transform into magnetic paths and begin their descent back to their initial energetic venue. The energetic and magnetic paths endow the magnetic space with defined borders and also determine the level of energy (see picture below). In other words, each gravitational wave maintains its own clearly defined area, which is protected by the energetic and magnetic paths. In contrast to the relatively compact energetic path that launches off the point of origin, the magnetic loop maintains a looser and broader alignment. Moreover, upon touching down on the surface, the magnetic loop appears to disseminate in a disorderly, cloud-like manner.


The descending path ultimately disseminates on the surfsace in the form of swirls. Magnetic loops/gravitational waves

Click to enlarge; NASA

Click to enlarge; NASA
Supernova remnants Another magnetic loop:
a solar prominence

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